11. Mai 2019

Go for licencing! Our 2 years old premium-colt Finn C (Finest/Hann. x Samaii) has very good x-rays and we hope, he will get the breeding-licence at the end of the year in Kreuth.

Finn C (at the photo only 3 weeks old, but a highlight!)


08. May 2019

Pregnant! We are so happy about our fist pregnant broodmare in this breeding-saison. Our homozygous broodmare What´s up (Camaro/Trak. x Lehar, Ladykiller xx) will get a foal by our premium-stallion Colanyc (Cadeau Noir/Hann. x Samenco K/Ilasso) in March 2020. It will be a full-sibling of our little "princess" Ceyla C (sold). Colanyc has a wonderful interieur, he is a real gentleman. The next vet-checks will follow soon.

What´s up


05. April 2019

A coloured princess! On Friday, the 05.04.2019 at 3.04 o´clock my homozygous premium mare Shona C (Samaii x Camaro) got her foal. It´s a big filly, very correct exterieur, wonderful coloured how dad and a nice blace in the face. Her name is "Corvette C". Here you can see a first picture of the little princess. Shona C is a wonderful mum. I´m so happy. We will make an DNA-test, because maybe the filly is homozygous how her mother. Our fingers are crossed.

Shona C and her 1. daughter Corvette C


24. März 2019

Ceyla C! Today my lovely Ceyla C (Colanyc x Camaro) changed her stable. She is now at home in South-Germany. I wish her and her new owner good luck. Here you can see the last pic in Etgersleben.

Ceyla C


05. January 2019

Carat C! They saw him and loved him - that´s live! Now our lovely 2 years old gelding Carat C (Camaro/Trak. x Shakira by Samico F) is at home near Bremen. I wisch the new owners good luck and all the best with our little diamond. Bye, my little boy.

Carat C


30. November 2018

Sceltic C! Our wonderful 3 years old gelding Sceltic C (Schwarzgold/Trak. x Samaii) now was sold. We wish the new owner all the best. Bye my little boy. I love you so much.

Sceltic C


27. November 2018

Colanyc is approved now! Our wonderful licenced premium stallion Colanyc is now life-time-appoved (50-days-test for dressage-warmblood-stallions in Schlickau, 09.10.2018 - 27.11.2018). He was the only coloured boy of 42 very good young stallions. I´m so proud of my stallion. He fighted for us an gave his best and is now registered in the stallion-book I ("pinto" of the ZfdP). Thank you, my wonderful boy. You are my best!



25. September 2018

SOLD! This was really "Love at the first sight!" Our beautiful 3 years old gelding Sceltic C (Schwarzgold/Trak. x Samaii/Old.) now was sold. I wish the new owner good luck, a lot of fun and all the best for the future with this unique young horse. I hope, all your wishes and dreams will come true!

Sceltic C


14. September 2018

stallion-testngstleistungsprüfung! The countdown for the 50-days-test (dressage) of our licenced premium stallion Colanyc in Schlieckau is running. 09.10.2018 - 27.11.2018. Our boy will be prepaired by the team of Stefan Blanken for this event and we hope, he will be healthy all the time. Our fingers are crossed!

Colanyc under Stefan Blanken


04. September 2018

Top results of the breeding-show in Etgersleben!!! Now we have 4 premium-foals of Colanyc! We are so proud. The winner of our little show was Cir Royal C, a high-score premium colt and a future stallion prospect!

Cir Royal (future stallion-prospect!)


26. August 2018

Breeding-show of the ZfdP in Etgersleben!!! On Thuesday, 04.09.2018 (15.00 o´clock). We will proudly present the first foals of our premium awarded, licenced stallion Colanyc and also some other foals and mares. Visitors are very wellcome.


22. August 2018

SOLD!!! I´m so happy, that my wonderful son of Colanyc now has found HIS humans, which believe in him and love him very much. He will stay at Germany and grow up as a future stallion! A double of his father Colanyc with a lot of talent for jumping and dressage too. Very good decicion. We wish his new owners good luck with this amazing colt!


11. August 2018

Colanyc!!! Today I´ve visit my boy Colanyc in his training-stable. I´m so proud of him. He will be prepaired for approving in October (50-days-test for warmblood-dressage-stallions in Schlieckau). Our fingers are crossed.

01. August 2018

SOLD!!! Our wonderful black-white-tobiano filly Ceyla C (Colanyc x What´s up) has found HER human and is sold now. She will leave in Germany, near Aschaffenburg. Congratulations to the new owner ... this was a very good decicion, this little princess is a really rarity.


10. June 2018

Prepaire for approving!!! Now the breeding-season 2018 ended for our licenced premium stallion Colanyc. In the follow 4 months he will be prepaired for approving (50-days-test in October 2018). I hope, he will stay healthy. Our fingers are crossed for best results!


24. May 2018

A little princess!!! SHE is arrived now! Today at 0.15 o´clock (after 384 days of pregnancy) my wonderful broodmare What´s up (Camaro/Trak. x Lehar/Ladykiller xx/Der Löwe xx) got her foal by Colanyc. It´s a very typy filly with long legs. The first daughter of Colanyc! We are so happy. Her name is Ceyla C.


23. April 2018

HE is arrived! On Monday, 23.04.2018, at 2.08 o´clock our wonderful dressage-premiummare Briana C (Blickpunkt/Belissimo M/Fidermark x Samico F/Falkland/Pik König) got her 2. foal.The birth was very difficult, thanks to our vet Dr. Manuela Heine for help in this night. Now all is good. The father of this coloured tobiano colt is our premium stallion Colanyc. I´m so glad about that. Fotos will follow soon. The name of our 4. colt is "Cir Royal C", because he is really royal, a future stallion-prospect with a top exterieur and pedigree like his half-brother Classico C. Thank you, my little girl, for this unbelievable foal.


12. April 2018

Our foal nr. 3 is arrived! Today at 2.17 o´clock our premium broodmare Caribic C got her 2. foal. It´s a healthy brown colt with a lot of Trakehner-charme. His name is "Cid C" We are very proud of this 3. top foal of our premium stallion Colanyc. Here he is...


04. April 2018

Our second foal is arrived now! Today at 4.45 o´clock our pinto broodmare Sissy C gave us a wonderful coloured tobiano-colt. The father of this colt is our premium stallion Colanyc. Mother and son are both healthy, Sissy C is a wonderful mum. We are so proud! The name of our foal is "Cayenne C". Here you can see a first photo after birth last night.


20. March 2018

Spring! On Tuesday, 20.03.2018 in a very cold night (at 1.35 o´clock) the first foal of our premium stallion Colanyc was born. It´s a very big colt (tobiano) with a nice head and very long legs. The mother of this colt is our Polish broodmare Nike. The colt has the name Caleb C. Welcome little boy, I´m so proud! Now we will test, if Caleb C is homozygous for tobiano.


31. January 2018

Premium stallion Colanyc! We are proud to offer you our licenced premium stallion Colanyc (Cadeau Noir, Christ, De Niro, Calypso II x Samenco K, Samber, Ilasso, Ico) also in 2018 via nature cover. For the conditions please look at our AGB. In March/April 2018 we are waiting for the first foals of Colanyc.


21. October 2017

Cupido C! Our beautiful black-white tobiano stallion Cupido C (Cadeau Noir/Hann. x Camaro/Trak., Lehar, Ladykiller xx) was sold. Now he is a gelding and a future sport-horse for his new owner. I wish him all the best and a wonderful, healthy time. Bye, my little boy, we will miss you very much.


17. September 2017

German foal championat! At the German foal championat of the ZfdP on Sunday, 17.09.2017, in Altefeld/Herleshausen our little Finn C (Finest x Samaii) got the 3. place in his foal-class against a lot of high-quality unicoloured foals! We are so proud of our joung colt!


06. September 2017

Qualification! Our little sunshine Finn C now is a high-score premium-foal of the ZfdP! And now he is qualificated for the German foal-show on 17.09.2017 in Altefeld. We are so proud!


08. July 2017

End of the 1. breeding-season for our Colanyc! Now our wonderful premium stallion will prepared for approving.


21. Juni 2017

21. June 2017

HE is arrived!!! We are so happy about our new tobiano colt by our homozygous broodmare Shona C (Samaii/Old. x Camaro/Trak.) and the successful Hannoverian stallion Finest/Hann. (Fürstenball x Wie Weltmeyer, Prince Thatch xx). Here you can see a first photo, more will follow soon...


13. May 2017

Siri C! Today our very high-talented, premium awarded, coloured yearling-filly Siri C by Semper/Old. x Camaro/Trak. left us. She is now at home in Bremerhaven and was sold to a military rider. Here is a last photo from her and her mum Caribic C. We will miss you so much, my little girl and I wish you all the best for the future! More pics you can find unter "sold horses".


10. April 2017

Vajum C! Our black-white tobiano stallion prospect Vajum C today was sold into best hands. We are happy, that he will grow up here for the next 2 years and get the chance for licencing. Vajum C ist really a special boy. I wish the new owner good luck and all the best with their new horse.


05. March 2017

Foal-season 2017! We are waiting for only one foal this year by the black stallion Finest/Hann. (Fürstenball x Wie Weltmeyer/Prince Thatch xx) and our homozygous premium mare Shona C (Samaii/Old. x Camaro, Lehar, Ladykiller xx), maybe in June 2017.


04. March 2017

New photos of Lara C! This wonderfull filly by Levkoi (Levisto Z) and my mare It´s Nanook (by Ilasso/Ico/Icon) was sold as a yearling and is now nearlx 7 years old. I´m so proud of her. A wonderful mare with a big heart and a lot of jumping potential. I´m happy to hear, that she is fine. More photos you can find under "Sold horses/Lara C".


28. Dezember 2016

Colanyc - first breeding-season in 2017 (native)! We are proud to present you our new licenced tobiano stallion Colany C. He will be available via natural cover in spring 2017. For more details please click the follow link:

"breeding with Colanyc"


24. Dezember 2016

Very sad! Today our wonderful Silvana C is gone for ever over the rainbow-bridge. We couldn´t help her. She was pregnant by the stallion Quindale, I can´t discripe my emotions. Run free, my little girl with your big heart. We are so sad and miss you so much. When I write this, I cry again...


10. Dezember 2016

Sensation! A dream comes true. Our tobiano stallion Colany C by Cadeau Noir/Hann. (Christ x De Niro, Calypso II) and our Soraya C (by Samenco K/Samber x Ilasso/Ico) was licenced for breeding today, now he is premium awarded and also the BEST STALLION of the ZfdP! We are so proud!

Thank you, Jan Crome-Sperling! You did a super job with train our boy.


03. November 2016

Attention! On 09./10.12.2016 we will show our 2,5 years old stallion prospect Colany C (by Cadeau Noir/Hann. x Samenco K/Samber/Ilasso/Ico) in Kreuth (near Nürnberg). We hope, our wonderful coloured boy will get the licence for breeding.


08. October 2016

Venezia C! Today my lovely little filly Venezia C was taken to her new family near Nürnberg. She is a really highlight of my bred and I will miss this little girl very much. Good bye, my sweet heart. I wish you and your new owner all the best and good luck for the future!


01. October 2016

Shorty C! Today our wonderful yearling-colt Shorty C by Samenco K left us. Now he is at home near Aachen. We wish the new owner good luck and a lot of fun with this lovely boy!


25. September 2016

Championat of the ZfdP!!! On Sunday, 25.09.2016, we went to the German foal-championat of the ZfdP in Altefeld/Hessen. Our lovely black-white tobiano colt Classico C (by Cadeau Noir/Hann. x Blickpunkt/Belissimo M/Samico F) presented himself very good and got the 1 d - price! A really highlight of this breeding-season, I´m so proud of my little boy. He will grow up here and I hope, he will become the new star at my stallion-station in 2019!


16. September 2016

SOLD!!! Our little sunshine, the coloured filly Venezia C by Viva Vulkano (Vulkano FRH x Lordanos/Askari/Contender) and our homozygous broodmare Soraya C (by Samenco K/Samber x Ilasso/Ico) has found HER very special human. She will leave us in Oktober to her new home near Nürnberg. I´m very happy, because my little girl will get a very good new place for the future.


10. September 2016

SOLD!!! Our beautiful coloured premium filly Siri C by Semper/Old. (Sandro/Sacramento Song xx/Samber) and our premium-broodmare Caribic C (Camaro/Trak. x Ringo/Trak.) has found HER human for the future! It´s a very good sport-rider from Germany. Congratulations to the new owner.


07. September 2016

6 home-bred premium-horses!!! Here are the results of our foal-show today:

1) Siri C (Semper x Camaro) => premium filly

2) Vajum C (Viscount x Camaro) => premium colt and stallion prospect

3) Carat C (Camaro x Samico F) => good show, but he was a little bit ill and couldt not show his very good movements (only 0,2 points under premium awarding)

4) Venezia C (Viva Vulkano x Samenco K) => premium filly

5) Caribic C (Camaro x Ringo) => premium broodmare

6) Briana C (Blickpunkt x Samico F) => premium broodmare

7) Classico C (Cadeau Noir x Blickpunkt/Belissimo M) => premium colt, stallion prospect, best foal of this show

We are so proud of our foals and mares. Now we are ready to go to the German championship of ZfdP on 25.09.2016 in Altefeld/Hessen.


14. August 2016

Foal-show 2016!!! On 07.09.2016 (we will begin at 09.00 o´clock), we will present our 5 top foals of 2016 and also 2 new broodmares. We also are waiting for some more breeders, which will show their horses. Please are wellcome, you can see top quality in UNI and COLOUR in Etgersleben!


19. July 2016

He is arrived!!! After a very long time of 369 days of pregnancy today at 5.50 o´clock our last foal arrived. It´s a healthy and wonderful coloured, typeful black-white tobiano colt with a nice face and very long legs. The father is the sucessful Hannoveraner stallion Viscount (Valentino/Now or Never/Voltaire x Acorado I). The mum is our lovely homozygous black-white tobiano broodmare What´s up (Camaro/Trak. x Lehar/Hols., Ladykiller xx/Der Löwe xx). We are so happy! Now we can sleep in the nights. Here is a first photo of Vajum C (1 hour old)...


14. May 2016

After 365 days of waiting my young broodmare Briana C (by Blickpunkt/Belissimo M/Fidermark x EH Samico F/Samber/Falkland) got her first foal. Today at 18.34 o´clock came a very big black-white tobiano colt by the Hannoveraner stallion Cadeau Noir (Christ x De Niro/Calypso II) to us. Briana C is a very good mama. I´m so happy! The name of our youngster is "Classico C". Here is a first picture of him...


06. May 2016

What a wonderful begin of the weekend! Today at 23.20 o´clock my homozygous broodmare Soraya C (by Samenco K/Samber x Ilasso/Ico) got her second foal! The father of it is the young jumping talent Viva Vulkano (by Vulkano FRH/Voltaire x Lordanos/Askari) - here the pedigree can "fly"! It´s a very big and wonderful coloured brown-white tobiano filly (it seems like the grandpa Ico) with the name "Venezia C". We are very happy! The filly is offered for sale!


03. May 2016

Today at 1.25 o´clock my champion-broodmare Shakira C (by the elite-stallion Samico F/Samber x Falkland/Pik König) got her second foal! The father is the successful military Trakehner stallion Camaro (Le Duc/Anduc x Elvis/Karabin). It´s a very typeful and healthy unicoloured colt with 3 white socks, his name is "Carat C". We are so happy and hope, that he got the top movements of his mother! This colt is offered for sale!


13. April 2016

Today at 4.35 o´clock my 3/4-Trakehner-broodmare Caribic C (by Camaro/Trak. x Ringo/Trak., Niferak/Hann.) got her first foal! The father is the successful tobiano stallion Semper (Sandro/Sandro Song xx/Samber). It´s a wonderful coloured, healthy tobiano filly, her name is "Siri C". We are so happy! This filly is offered for sale into best hands!


30. March 2016

Start of our foal-season 2016!!! We are waiting for the first 3 foals in April 2016:

1.) Cadeau Noir (Christ x De Niro/Calypso II) x Briana C (Blickpunkt/Belissimo M/Fidermark x Samico F)

2.) Camaro/Trak. (Le Duc/Anduc x Karabin) x Shakira C (EH Samico F/Samber/Ico x Falkland/Pik König)

3.) Semper (Sandro/Sandro Song xx/Samber) x Caribic C (Camaro/Trak. x Ringo/Trak., Niferak)


27. February 2016

Today our 9 months old premium colt Landow C by Ludwig´s As (Ludwig v. Bayern/Landor S x Accord) and our coloured premium mare Sissy C (Samenco K/Samber x Camaro/Lehar/Ladykiller xx) is gone to his new home in Belgium. Bye my little boy, I wish you a happy and long horse-life with your new kind owner. I´m very proud of you and I will miss you very much.


20. February 2016

Today our beautiful, 9 months old tobiano filly Fleur C by Finest/Hann. (Fürstenball x Wie Weltmeyer/Prince Thatch xx) and our premium mare Silvana C (Samaii/Old./Sambertino/Brentano II x Ringo/Trak.) has her lang trip to UK. She was very easy to handle and to load up. We will miss our little princess. Bye little girl, I wish you all the best for your future!


16. January 2016

A new year has begun, of course with us again some special highlights! At first we are waiting for 5 foals of the top stallions Cadeau Noir (Christ x De Niro/Calypso II), Semper (Sandro/Sandro Song xx x Samber), Camaro/Trak. (Le Duc x Elvis/Karabin), Viva Vulkano (Vulkano FRH/Voltaire x Lordanos/Askari) and Viscount (Valentino/Now or Never x Acorado/Imperator). 3 broodmares will foal in April, 1 in May and the last one in June 2016. We are very curious.

Since last year we break some new ways with this horse-breed, because we have some very good coloured young stallions in breeding. Our new stallion-stable is nearly ready, our young stallions enjoy their common clearence - of course not isolated, but togehter! The licencing of our vize-champion Colany C (Cadeau Noir x Samenco K/Ilasso) is expected in December this year.




01. November 2015

SOLD. Today my lovely filly "Candy C" (born 28.04.2015) by Cadeau Noir x Nike went to her new owner in Sachsen-Anhalt. I wish her good luck and always the best. I miss you, little girl.


09. September 2015

Results of our foal-show today in Etgersleben: Very good weather! 7 top foals and 1 new broodmare have been shown and registered. All horses presented themself very good. Our tobiano foals Landow C (Ludwig´s As x Samenco K/Camaro), Fleur C (Finest x Samaii/Ringo) and Sceltic C (Schwarzgold x Samaii/Camaro) are PREMIUM AWARDED now and qualified for the German breedingship of the ZfdP (20.09.2015 in Altefeld/Herleshausen, near Kassel)! Also shown was my 7 years old brown-white tobiano broodmare Sissy C (Samenco K x Camaro/Lehar/Ladykiller xx), she has her first foal (Landow C) on her side and was PREMIUM AWARDED too! I´m so proud! We will show one of our foals at the German breedingship next Sunday. Cross your fingers for us! Here is a new photo of Landow C.


04. September 2015

Attention!!! 09.09.2015 ... at 11.30 o´clock will start our little foal-show at stud (ZfdP). We are proud to present our 5 top foals, born 2015 and 2 new broodmares, 2 other foals also will been shown. Other breeders and visitors are very welcome.


28. June 2015

A very special colt!!! Today at 1.45 o´clock my homozygous premium mare Shona C (by Samaii/Old., Sambertino, Samber, Brentano II x Camaro/Trak., Lehar, Ladykiller xx) got her first foal. It´s a wonderful coloured black-white tobiano colt with very long legs by the successful young Trakehner-stallion Schwarzgold (Imperio x Consul). I think, this colt is a stallion-prospect with top quality and interieur. Shona C and her son are fine. I´m so proud. The name of our little boy is "Sceltic C" (a nordic name). Here are first photos of our colt:

Sceltic C, after birth_________________________________________________________________________

19. June 2015

A colt!!! Welcome into this world. After 338 days my leading broodmare Mona Lisa got her 5. foal of the important coloured stallion Samenco K (by Samber/Pericles xx/Sans Souci/Seamenco xx). It´s a wonderful big gold-brown colt with very long legs. His name is "Shorty C". We are so happy! Here are first photos of our little boy. He will be offered for sale.

Shorty C, after birth


13. June 2015

Attantion!!! Foal-show of the WM-stud: Sunday, 14.06.2015, 10.00 o´clock in Visselhövede/Buchholz! We will show there our top filly "Fleur C" (tomorrow 18 days old), a coloured highlight between always black and brown foals of the stallions "Finest" and "Fantastic". Meet us at the show tomorrow...

Fleur C (photo: Y. Cybulla)


04. June 2015

Now we are waiting for our 4. foal in this season - mother: my leading broodmare "Mona Lisa" , stallion: the important "Samenco K" , we think the date of birth couldt be the 15.06.2015. Fingers are crossed ...

Samenco K (photo: Y. Cybulla)


Good news!!! My German shepard "Maya vom Berliner Bären" got 10 healthy and vital puppies at 03.06.2015 (6/4) in the colours black-brown and grey by "Nick von El Dorado". All was good, we are very happy. If you are looking for a 4-foots-friend, you ar right here. More informations and photos you can find at my homepage


03. June 2015

Sadly News: Our "Grand Dame", the premium awarded broodmare and stallion-mother "Iamira" (by Ico x Helianthus/Trak.) , one of the last direct daughters of the important stallion Ico died in the age of nearly 27 years. She was very ill and so I had to decide to help her. My vet came and euthanized her in her stable between her horse-family. It was very peaceful - now she is sleeping for ever.

R.I.P., my wonderful old girlfriend - I hope, you will pass the rainbow-bridge very well. Your stable is without you now, we miss you so much. Good bye, my girl with your unbelievebel Trakehner-charme and THANK YOU for the 11 wonderful years with you...

PrSt. Iamira (here with her filly Sarah C by Samaii/Old.), R.I.P.


27. Mai 2015

A little princess!!! After 330 days our homozygous dark-brown-white tobiano mare "Silvana C"(by Samaii/Old., Sambertino, Samber, Brentano II, Ringo/Trak.) got her first foal!. The father is the top black stallion "Finest" (by Fürstenball/Wie Weltmeyer/Prince Thatch xx). It´ s a healthy, wonderful dark-brown-white tobiano filly with very long legs. The name of this little princess is "Fleur C". Silvana C and her filly are fine. I´m so happy! Here are the first pictures. Fleur C is offered for sale.

Fleur C, after birth


21. Mai 2015

Top news!!! Today our dark-brown tobiano broodmare "Sissy C"(by Samenco K/Samber/Pericles xx/Camaro/Lehar/Ladykiller xx) got her first foal of the top jumping stallion "Ludwig´s As" (by Ludwig von Bayern/Landor S/Accord II). It´s a wonderful brown-tobiano colt with long legs and a top type. His name is "Landow C". We are so proud and happy!!! This colt is offered for sale. Here are the first photos.

photo Landow C


28. April 2015

Top News!!! Our first foal in this season arrived on 28.04.2015 at 0.45 o´clock. It´s a wonderful, big dark-brown filly by our broodmare "Nike"(Ringo/Trak. x Niferak, Feiertraum/Hann.) and the black stallion "Cadeau Noir" (Christ/De Niro/Calypso II). We are so happy. Her name is "Candy C". Look at this first photo. Candy C is offered for sale!


25. April 2015

Now we are waiting for our first foal of our broodmare "Nike"(by Ringo/Trak. x Niferak, Feiertraum/Hann.) and the black stallion "Cadeau Noir" (by Christ/De Niro/Calypso II, Bonhomme stud). Today Nike is pregnant 340 days.


25. March 2015

The breeding-saison 2015 is coming soon. We are waiting for 5 (we hope healthy and coloured) foals, at first by the black movie-star "Cadeau Noir" (Christ/De Niro/Calypso II, Bonhomme stud).

Thereafter will follow foals by "Ludwig´s As" (a successful red jumping-stallion by Ludwig v. Bayern/Landor S/Accord II), by the "winner of the hearts" - the black young dressage-stallion "Finest" (Fürstenball/Wie Weltmeyer/Prince Thatch xx), by the successful tobiano stallion "Samenco K" (Samber/Sans Souci, he brought a lot of top foals) and by the black Trakehner stallion "Schwarzgold" (Imperio/Connery).

10 years successful horse-breeding at this stud, our jubiläum!


01. January 2015

Happy NEW YEAR!!! We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and good luck for you and your horses! In 2015 we are waiting for some high-quality foals of top stallions...10 years breeding, a very special moment!


29. November 2014

Review of the year 2014. Christmas will come soon and we say "Thank you" for a breeding-year with many highlights. After 13 fillies in the last 9 years we got 2 very good colts in 2014. The two sons of Cadeau Noir, Colany C (dark-brown-white tobiano) and Cupido C (black-white tobiano) are growing up here and are premium-foals of the ZfdP now.

We are waiting for 5 foals by the interesting stallions Samenco K (Samber x Sans Souci/SF), Ludwig´s As (Ludwig v. Bayern/Landor S x Accord II), Finest (Fürstenball x Wie Weltmeyer/Prince Thatch xx), Cadeau Noir (Christ x De Niro/Calypso II) and Schwarzgold (Imperio x Consul) next year.

We also got 17 healthy puppies (German long-stick-hair shepards out of DDR-lines => They all have a very good new home now.

Thank you very much, dear horse- and puppie-buyers, for believe at our breeding-philosophie. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2015!


07. Oktober 2014

Hollydays! Here you can see our gelding Pjetro (black-white tobiano) and our polnish broodmare Nike (dark-brown white tobiano, infoaled to Cadeau Noir for 2015). We had a lot of fun together.


29. September 2014

"Volksstimme" (29.09.2014)!!! Nearly of all people in our native region are happy about our successful colt Colany C, please read this article (sorry, only in German):


21. September 2014

Vize-champion of the ZfdP 2014!!! Our wonderful colt Colany C by Cadeau Noir (Christ x De Niro/Calypso II) out of our Soaya C (Samenco K/Samber x Ilasso/Ico) won the second place at the german breeding-championship of the ZfdP today. We are so happy!!! He was great!


13. September 2014

EVENT-TIP!!! German breeding-championship of the ZfdP, 21.09.2014, at the historical Trakehner-stud Altefeld/Herleshausen in Germany (Hessen). We will show our little charmeur "Colany C".


11. September 2014

Results of our foal show:

We had a very successful foal show today in Etgersleben. Now our both colts Colany C and Cupido C are premium foals of the ZfdP and are qualified for the German breedingship in Altefeld (21.09.2014). Also our 4 years old homozygous Samaii-daughter Shona C was very good and is now a premium broodmare. We are so happy!


06. September 2014

On 11.09.2014, start 09.00 o´clock: our little ZfdP-foal-show! You are very wellcome!


28. August 2014

We have German longaired Sheppard puppies!!! Born on 28.08.2014 (Zwinger "vom Ostdeutschen Eck"), both parents are healthy and have a very good character. If you are looking for a new best friend, please reserve. Look at our homepage


20. August 2014

Top news! Our homozygous tobiano premium broodmare Shona C (by Samaii/Old., Sambertino, Samber, Brentano II x Camaro/Trak., Lehar, Ladykiller xx) now is pregnant by the top young Trakehner stallion Schwarzgold. We are so happy about that.


14. August 2014

Our next event: On Tuesday, 11.09.2014, at 09.00 o´clock we have our little foal-championat in Etgersleben. You are very wellcome.

We will show our colored colts Colany C and Cupido C.


02. August 2014

Top News!!! Today vet-check for our leading-broodmare Mona Lisa . She is infoaled to her (and also my) love Samenco K (by Samber/Pericless/Sans Souci, look at the photo). We are so happy.


14. Juli 2014

Our last foal arrived!!! After 383 long days today at 22.04 o´clock was our little Cupido C by Cadeau Noir (Christ x De Niro/Calypso II) out of our homozygous broodmare What´s up (Camaro/Trak. x Lehar/Ladykiller xx) born. We are so happy about this wonderful little boy.


11. July 2014

Very good news! Our dark-brown-white tobiano mare "Sissy C" (by Samenco K/Samber x Camaro/Lehar/Ladykiller xx) is now INFOALED to the successful jumping-stallion "Ludwig´s As" (by Ludwig v. Bayern/Landor X/Accord II, Sosath stud)!


22. June 2014

We are so happy! Our Polnish tobiano mare "Nike" (by Ringo/Trak. x Niferak, Feiertraum/Hann.) and also our championesse "Shakira C" (by Samico F x Falkland, Wanderer, Pik König) both are infoaled to the wonderful black stallion Cadeau Noir (Christ x De Niro/Calypso II).


06. May 2014

Today, at 0.56 o´clock, my homozygous premium broodmare Soraya C (by Samenco K/Samber x Ilasso/Ico) got her first foal! It is a healthy, long legged, wonderful colored and correct COLT (dark-brown-white tobiano). The father of this colt is Cadeau Noir (a top black stallion by Christ x De Niro/Calypso II). We gave him the name "COLANY C" - and we are so happy now! Here you can see a photo of him (1 hour old):


22. April 2014

Sad affair: Our broodmare "Nike" got her foal by "Samenco K" last night. But the little "Sam" (a wonderful marked, long leged brown-white minimal tobiano colt) was not allowed to live more than 1 hour at this wonderful world. We are so sadly about that. Bye, my little boy, you were so beautiful. You were my absolutely dream and I loved you. Good luck over the rainbow bridge.


04. April 2014

All of our puppies (German long-stick-hair shepards) have a very good home now. Please look at our homepage, there you can find many informations about our dog-breeding.


08. February 2014

In a few weeks our foals will arrive!!! We are waiting for 3 foals by these broodmares mares in April/Mai:

1. Samenco K (tobiano, 167 cm, by Samber x Sans Souci/SF) x Nike (tobiano by Ringo/Trak. x Niferak/Feiertraum) => 75% chance for color

2. Cadeau Noir (black, 171 cm, by Christ/Competent x De Niro/Calypso II) x Soraya C (homozygous tobiano, 170 cm, by Samenco K/Samber x Ilasso/Ico) => 100% tobiano

3. Cadeau Noir (black, 171 cm, by Christ/Competent x De Niro/Calypso II) x What´s up (homozygous tobiano, 164 cm, by Camaro/Trak. x Lehar/Ladykiller xx) => 100% tobiano


31. January 2014

Sold!!! My nearly 3 years old "Cassandra C" (premium mare by Camaro/Trak. out of our premium-broodmare and stallion-mother Iamira (one of the last living Ico-daughters) was sold to Michaela. We wish good luck and a lot of fun with this wonderful mare.


25. January 2014

Our puppies are arrived!!! My "Prisca vom Berliner Bären" got 11 wonderful and healty puppies last night (8 boys, 3 girls). This are German long-stick-hair-sheppard-puppies, offered for sale in March 2014. More informations you can find at our homepage!


22. December 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy NEW Year!!!


20. December 2013

Very good news! We are waiting for some new German shepard puppies with long-stick-hair in January 2014 ("Prisca vom Berliner Bären" x "Hektor vom Roten Bach"). More informations you can find at our homepage We are so happy!


01. November 2013


Now 5 top young horses are offered for sale. If you buy one of them or more until 24.12.2013, you have to pay a LOWER price for some of them! Please ask us for more informations.


30. Oktober 2013

Our 7 German shepard puppies with long-stick-hair now are 6,5 weeks old. 3 of these little dogs are still looking for a good new home. So you couldt buy a good horse and a puppi. Please look at our homepage


30. September 2013

Attention! New short videos of our horses offered for sale are online now. The links you can find at our page "For sale". _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

16. September 2013

7 little German long-shepard-dogs are arrived!!! Our "Maya vom Berliner Bären" and "Xado vom Elbe-Saale-Winkel", both 4 years old, are parents now. All dogs are healthy. We are so happy!


12. July 2013

Our HOMOZYGOUS black-white tobiano broodmare What´s up (by Camaro/Trak. x Lehar/Holst., Ladykiller xx, Der Löwe xx) is infoald to the black young stallion Cadeau Noir (by Christ/Competent x De Niro/Calypso II). This guaranted pinto foal will arrive in June 2014.


21. June 2013

Our HOMOZYGOUS brown-white tobiano broodmare Soraya C (by Samenco K/Samber/Sans Souci x Ilasso/Ico), 2008 winner-foal of the German breeding championship of the ZfdP and now 5 years old, is infoald to the black young stallion Cadeau Noir (by Christ/Competent x De Niro/Calypso II). We are so happy. This guaranted pinto foal will arrive in May 2014.


11. June 2013

We are happy to tell you, that our Polish broodmare "Nike" (by Ringo/Trak. x Feiertraum/Hann., photo on the left side) is infoaled to the successful approved stallion "Samenco K" (by Samber x Sans Souci/SF, photo on the right side). This foal will arrive in April 2014.


18. May 2013

Tip: On Saturday/Sunday (19./20.05.2013) we have our traditionel championship for dressage, jumping and driving in Westeregeln. We are looking for your visit!


20. April 2013

Now our breeding-saison will start. Our colored mares are top fit. We decided to take the follow approved stallions this year: Samenco K (dark-brown white tobiano stallion by Samber/Pericles xx/Sans Souci) and Cadeau Noir (a young stallion born 2010, unicolored black, by Christ/Competent/Compliment/De Niro/Donnerhall/Calypso II). Here you can see the first filly of our broodmare It´s Nanook (Soraya C), both homozygous. This little girl was the winner-foal at the German breeding championship of the ZfdP in the year 2008.

14. Januar 2013

Today my 8 moths old little dark-brown tobiano filly Santa Fee C started her journey to her new home in Switzerland. I wish the new owner a lot of fun and luck with this very specially foal by my leading broodmare Mona Lisa - a Samenco K-foal with best quality and interieur. Bye, my little "Santi", I will miss you so much.


27. September 2012

My 3 years old german sheppard dog "Maya vom Berliner Bären" (breeder: Birgit Quander, Paulinenaue/near Berlin) has no ED and no HD (now approved for breeding!). We are so happy. Now we are looking for our first little sheppard dogs.

Here is a new foto of our 10 months old "Prisca vom Berliner Bären".


Our foal show (05.09.2012) from the ZfdP was very successful. Our Santa Fee C now is a premium filly, our 4 years old Soraya C and our 3 years old Silvana C now also are premium mares of the ZfdP, they are our new broodmares at the stud in Etgersleben. We are so proudly!

Our leading broodmare Mona Lisa and her filly Santa Fee C at the foal show 2012


20. May 2012

New videos of our horses for sale are online now!!!


A new little star was born! 08.05.2012, 23.30 o´clock: A wonderful dark-brown white tobiano filly from Samenco K out of our leading broodmare Mona Lisa was born. We are so proud. Thank you, my prinzess. The name of our filly is Santa Fee C. Here the first photo of the birth last night:

Santa Fee C, a few minutes old

mum: Mona Lisa

father: Samenco K


Our new family-member: the german sheppard Prisca vom Berliner Bären. Today she arrived in Etgersleben and we are very proud of this little "Berliner Bear".


30. Oktober 2011

Today our 2 1/2 years old Sarah C (from Samaii/Old. out of our stallion-mother Iamira from Ico), her 5 years old half-brother San Diego C (from Samenco K) and our 11 years old It´s Apanatchy (from Iron out of the Icona from Icon) are going to the Ostsee-coast to Kiel. We hope, the new owners will have much fun Die 3 Pferde dürfen zusammen bleiben und werden ihren lieben neuen Besitzern hoffentlich ganz viel Freude bereiten. Wir wünschen von hier aus alles erdenklich Gute und ganz viel Spaß. Auch nach dem Verkauf stehen wir selbstverständlich weiterhin jederzeit mit Rat und Tat zur Seite, denn die Verantwortung eines Züchters endet unseres Erachtens nicht mit der Abholung eines Pferdes. Wir freuen uns, weiterhin in Kontakt zu bleiben und sehen gespannt der weiteren Entwicklung dieser einmaligen Pferde entgegen. Hier 3 Abschiedsbilder vom 29.10.2011. Der Oktober verabschiedet sich in Sachsen-Anhalt mit viel Sonne, milden Temperaturen und wunderschöner Laub-Färbung..

San Diego C (*2006), our little boy with the big heart...

It´s Apanatchy (*2000), our top jumping-mare...
Sarah C (*2009), our lovely young dressage-lady...

25. September 2011

Today in the morning my "Jeannie", a wonderful german shepard, died. Jeannie was very ill and we had no chance to help her. I´m so sad and I miss my little girl very much. Good bye, Jeannie and thank you for all the nice moments of living. I´ll never forget you and you will ever be in my heart.

06. September 2011

Good bye, Iamira!
It was time to say "Good bye, Iamira!". Our premium mare and mother of the approved colored stallion Apollo von der Lieth (*1995) today was official retired from breeding, becaus this wonderful mare is now 22 years old. She had 3 foals on this stud - they all were here to say "Thank you, Iamira!" (look at the 2. photo: from right to left: San Diego C (gold-brown tobiano gelding, born 2006, from Samenco K), Sarah C (dark-brown mare, born. 2009, from the premium stallion Samaii/Old.) and her last filly Cassandra C (dark-brown filly, born. 2011, from Camaro/Trak.). Our grand dame now can live here until the end of life. Thank you, my Iamira, for all that, what you are and what you are giving to me.

ZfdP-Foal-Show in Etgersleben on 06.09.2011
Here are the pictures of our foal-show: 5 foals from the year 2011 and a 10 years old PRE-stallion were showed. The wether was good and we had a lot of visitors.

Caribic C, born. 04/2011, from Camaro/Trak. out of our warmblood-mare Nike from Ringo/Trak. showed very good movements and a wonderful Trakehner-type. Score 7,3.

Briana C, born 04/2011, from Blickpunkt (from Belissimo M x Fidermark) out of our premium mare Shakira C (from Samico F x Falkland/Pik König), showed herself optimal with top movements and very good elasticity, the type influenced from her mother. This top filly was high scored (nearly "9") and is a premium foal of the ZfdP now. She qualified herself for the german breeding championship in Grasleben (25.09.2011). Comment of the breeding-leader of the ZfdP: "You can be very proud about this top filly." - yes, we are, because our Briana C is a pearl in quality and pedigree, one of our best foals ever. She is the winner of this foal show today.

Cassandra C, born 06/2011, from Camaro/Trak. out of our premium mare and stallion-mother Iamira (one of the last Ico-daughters), the youngest of our foals in the wonderful Trakehner-look. She also is a premium foal now.


05. Juli 2011

I´m so sad, because today we had to euthanize my only 1 year and 3 months old little filly Suri C. She had splitting and chronical pains. It was a long fight to the death - and we lost him. Good bye my little girlfriend with your wonderful white flame and your dark eyes. The life is´nt fair. I miss you so much.

08. June 2011

Today, at 1.30 o´clock, our last foal in this breeding saison was born. Cassandra C.
A unicolored brown filly with long legs and a wonderful Trakehner-head out of our premium mare and stallion mother Iamira (from Ico/Helianthus/Altan) and the successful Trakehner stallion Camaro (from Le Duc/Anduc/Elvis/Karabin). The filly is healthy and we are very happy. Here is one photo after birth.

22. April 2011

After 341 days: today, at 0.10 o´clock my broodmare Shakira got her first foal. The father ist the successful dark-fox stallion Blickpunkt, a son of Belissimo M out of a mare from Fidermark. The filly has very long legs and a brown white tobiano color. The name of this wonderful girl is Briana C. We are so happy!!! Here is a brandnew picture.


10. April 2011

Today, at 4.15 o´clock, my broodmare Nike got her second foal. It is a wonderful dark brown filly with one white sock. Her name is Caribic C.
The father is the Trakehner stallion Camaro from Le Duc/Anduc/Elvis/Carabin. We are very happy. Here is the first picture of the birth.


The spring has come! The sun is shining and no more high water. Now we can start the new foal-season 2011. We wait for 3 foals from the following mares and we think, they will come in the next few days:

1.) Nike
(mother of our Champion-foal 2009 "Silvana C") x Camaro/Trak. (from Le Duc/Elvis/Karabin)

2.) premium mare Shakira (Bundeschampionesse from Samico F/Falkland/Pik Bube) x Blickpunkt (Belissimo M/Fidermark)

3.) premium mare
Iamira (from Ico/Marco Polo/Helianthus/Halali) x Camaro/Trak. (from Le Duc/Elvis/Karabin)

January 2011 - high water of the river "Bode"

High water in 2011. Since the snow is gone the river "Bode" has a lot of water. Some water-births saw this and are happy in the sun. Here are some fotos of our area in the water. At the moment our stud is a "Island-stud". But the spring will arrive and also our new foals 2011.
Winter 2010

The cold winter 2010 has come to Germany. Here are two nice picture of our "snow-land" in the morning. We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.


German breeding championship 2010 of the ZfdP for pintos and Lewitzer:
on Sunday, 26.09.2010, in Grasleben (near Helmstedt):
Our premium filly Shona C (from Samaii/Old.) got the very good 3. place in this international competition. We are very proud of our little girl.

photo: Wagner

In 2011 we wait for the follow foals:

premium mare Iamira (from Ico/Helianthus) x Camaro/Trak. (from Le Duc/Elvis/Karabin)

2.) premium mare Shakira (from Samico F/Falkland) x Blickpunkt (from Belissimo M/Fidermark)

Nike (from Ringo/Niferak) x Camaro/Trak. (from Le Duc/Elvis/Karabin)

08. September 2010

Today, 18.30 o´clock, we had a little foal-competition in Etgersleben. We showed our 3 fillies, born in 2010 and also 2 colored foals from a other ZfdP-breeder. The weather was good and all foals were top fit.
Our dark-brown white tobiano filly Shona C (from Samaii and What´s up from Camaro) became the best foal of this day and got an very high score of the jury. Our grey-white tobiano filly Lara C (from Levkoi and It´s Nanook from Ilasso) also is a premium foal now and both fillies qualified themselfs for the german breeding championship in Grasleben (26.09.2010 in Grasleben (near Helmstedt). We are very proud of our wonderful foals.

Shona C

Lara C

Suri C

On Saturday, the 04.09.2010, we got a wonderful photo from our 7 years old dark-fox gelding
"Sisco C" (mother: Mona Lisa, father: Samenco K from Samber/Sans Souci/Seamenco xx), bred by us. Sisco C was placed in jumping-competitions (class A in Germany) and will start in class L next season. We are very proud and we wish the young rider and owner good luck with this top jumping horse of our breeding.

photo: with friendly authorization of the owner


Today we got a wonderful information from Hamburg: Our home breed brown-white tobiano mare "Skyline C" (mother: What´s up from Camaro/Le Duc/Lehar, father: Samenco K from Samber/Sans Souci/Seamenco xx) now is 4 years old and got the 5. place of her first jumping competition in the german class A ** on the Granderheider Reitertage against top Holsteiner jumping horses. We are so proud about our young girl and we wish the new owner the very best with Skyline C. Here you can see a new photo of her.

photo: with friendly authorization of the owner


foal registration 2010 of the ZfdP in Etgersleben: 08.09.2010, 18.30 o´clock!!!

This is also a possibility for our foals of 2010 to qualify for the yearly german breeding championship of the ZfdP. Visitors and Breeders are welcome.

German breeding championship 2010 of the ZfdP for pintos and Lewitzer:
Sunday, 27.10.2010 in Grasleben


Breeding saison 2010

In 2011 we wait for the follow foals:

premium mare Iamira (from Ico/Helianthus) x Camaro/Trak. (from Le Duc/Elvis/Karabin)

2.) premium mare Shakira (from Samico F/Falkland) x Blickpunkt (from Belissimo M/Fidermark)

Nike (from Ringo/Niferak) x Camaro/Trak. (from Le Duc/Elvis/Karabin)

29. April 2010

Today, at 22.45 o´clock has my homozygous brown white tobiano broodmare It´s Nanook got her 2. foal. It was not easy for my girl, because the foal is big and has very long legs. But now she is here - a wonderful, chic brown white tobiano filly from the top Berlin-Brandenburger stallion Levkoi (Levisto Z/Leandro/Capitol I x Goldschatz/Gotland). Mare and filly are healthy. The name of my filly is Lara C. She couldt get the color grey-brown-white tobiano, because her father also is grey. At the foto the filly is 10 Minutes old. From now I can sleep again.

26. April 2010

In this night my homozygous broodmare What´s up got her 3. foal. It´s a big and wonderful brown-white tobiano filly with very long legs and a blaze. Her father is the Oldenburger dressage stallion Samaii (Sambertino/Samber x Brentano II). The mare and her filly are healthy and fit. This filly is homozygous for tobiano! Shona C will grown up here and later be a broodmare on this stud.We are very happy.

05. April 2010

Today my first foal of this year was born. It is a wonderful bay filly with two wite socks and a little star at her head - the girl looks like her mother Mona Lisa. Her father ist the elite stallion Samico F (Samber x Ico/Absatz). Mother and filly are healthy. The name of this filly is Suri C. I´m so happy.


13. March 2010

I am proud to can introduce you: This is our new family-member "Maya vom Berliner Bären", born 06.10.2009. This wonderful longhair shepard (only 5 month old) has found here at this stud a new home. She comes from the successful bred of Birgit Quander (Paulinenaue/near Berlin) and has full papers/pedigree, her parents all are without HD. I like this little dog, which couldt be the first step for my little bred of longhair shepards.

(Maya vom Berliner Bären, 5 month old in march 2010, her first day in Etgersleben)


10. February 2010

After a heavy colic this morning died " Tarik". This marvelous fox gelding accompanied me faithful many years by all heights and depths, was always there for me. It would have become on 5 May 2010 only 19 years old and it was on this yard 17 years. It was here the resting pole in my herd, the "foal-grandfather", which gave security and stop to my Youngsters, in addition, provided for a consistent education. " Tarik" was really singularly, always life glad and grateful for each stroking unit. We miss you, my large fox. We will always carry you in our hearts and we will never forget you.

Tarik (1991-2010, photo from 01/2010)


22. January 2010

By a tragic stroke of fate today our black friend "Arco" died , our more unusually, achievement and ever friendlier long-stick-hair-shepherd-dog-coarse. We are very sadly over this loss, he will always have a place in our hearts and we will never forget him. "Arco" - thanks for the short however beautiful time with you.


27. September 2009

German breeding-championship of the ZfdP (breeding assoziation for german horses) for pinto-sporthorses and Lewitzer in Grasleben (near Helmstedt):
Which a successful day! My very highly evaluated brown-tobiano broodmare Shakira (born 2005, look at the picture below) triumphed in the category "pinto-hunter-mares" and got the title
German Bundeschampion 2009 of the ZfdP!

Our homozygous dark-brown-tobiano premium-filly Silvana C won the german breeding-championship in the category "pinto-hunter-colts and -fillies 2009" and got the title
German Champion-Foal 2009 of the ZfdP!

Foto: Bildreport Wagner

The newspaper "Staßfurter Volksstimme" reported:

We are unbelievably proud on our three "girls", who earned themselves today their oats really fairly.

09. September 2009

Today our fillies from 2009 was chiped and registered from the german breeding-assoziation ZfdP (Zuchtverband für Deutsche Pferde e.V.). With the results we are more than content, becauso our 4 years old brown-tobiano-mare Shakira (of Samico F) got the super value note "9" (only 10 are possible) for exterieur and movement and was awarded premium mare. So itself is qualified for the german breeding-championship at 27.09.2009 in Grasleben.

In addition, our two fillies of this year presented themselves the breeding commission very well. The homozygous dark-brown-tobiano filly Silvana C (from premium-stallion Samaii out of our broodmare Nike) was very high evaluated and awarded with the title premium-foal, also it has itself thereby a ticket to the german breeding-championship (foal-class). Unfortunately our little filly Sarah C was healthwise not so completely fit, that´s why she got only a note under 7,5. However we are very proud of our horses. Here are two fotos from our bouth wonderful fillies.


07. August 2009

Today a completely special day was for us. We were allowed in the middle to accompany in the state capital Magdeburg the unusual rider wedding of good friends. It was a unique experience - pictures as in the fairy tale. This day all around succeeded will remain for us everything in completely particularly beautiful memory. The horse of the bride was no genuine pinto, but nevertheless their own, beautiful grey stallion. And also the mounted escort in black-and-white bore the breeding heat complainless.

Here first photos, which make simply desire on “more”:
Here are some fotos:

07. May 2009

After a long pregnantness of 355 days this morning, against 09.15 o'clock was finally born, our second Fohlen in this year.

It became a beautyful in-colored brown filly with long legs, 4 white socks, a small star, a super neck assay and strong joints. The name of this little diva is "Sarah C". Father is the english premium-stallion Samaii (from Sambertino/Samber x Brentano II/Bolero), mother is our premium-broodmare Iamira (from Ico/Marco Polo x Helianthus/Halali/Altan). This filly shows like also its half-sister Silvana C already now outstanding movements and might become an offer for the elevated dressage-sport.

05. April 2009

About 2 weeks before the actually calculated birth date, on the early Sunday morning, at 04.15 o'clock our first foal was born in this year!

It is a beautifully drawn dark-brown-tobiano filly with 4 booths, blaze and little ink spots. This lovely girl is modern, correct and has very good movements.

The name of our filly is "Silvana C". Father is the english brown-tobiano premium-stallion Samaii (from Sambertino/Samber x Brentano II), mother is our dark-brown-tobiano broodmare Nike (from Niferak/Feiertraum x pol. Cornelia-line). This filly leads thereby only 1 x Samber in the pedigree and ist tested homozygous for tobiano!


German breeding-championship of the ZfdP for pinto-hunter on 28.09.2008 in Grasleben

For the championship of this year we had called our filly “Soraya C” of Samenco K and out of our premium-broodmare It´s Nanook. Its mother “It´s Nanook” participated afterwards at the mare-championat.


Soraya C became winner and thus German Bundeschampioness 2008 in the category pinto-hunter-foals of the ZfdP 2009! The title in demand went thereby for the first time to our small stud into Etgersleben. This is a giant success for us and also again the proof, that our breed is on the correct way.

photo: K. Jesinghaus

Our 5 years old brown-tobiano premium-broodmare "It´s Nanook" of Ilasso out of Icona fought for afterwards the 3rd place of the pinto-hunter mares. Also on this success we are really proud.

photo: K. Jesinghaus

The newspaper "Volksstimme" reported in detail:


Yard fuel date of the ZfdP on 11.09.2008

Traditionally official yard fuel date in Etgersleben took place also in this year. Altogether 6 foals (of it 1 Tinker colt, 2 warmblood-fillies and 3 warmblood-colts) were introduced to the breeding leader of the ZfdP, Mr. Britze, for evaluation. With radiating sunshine and good local conditions all foals presented itself outstanding and received a good evaluation.

Proudly we are particularly on our two fillies “Sissy C” (dark-brown tobiano) and “Soraya C" (homozygous brown tobiano) - both of the stallion book I - stallion Samenco II K -, which received both a federation premium became certified.

photo: K. Jesinghaus


August 2008

Our black-tobiano broodmare “What´s UP” (left), only trained 3 months ago at the carriage, of Camaro/Trak. from the premium-mare Waterloo successful completed their 1st driving tournament in Schneidlingen. Right to it our gelding Pjetro. Mainly the cone driving makes much fun obvious for both horses.


21.April 2008

Tonight, at 0.25 o'clock, was born our second Fohlen in this year. It is a merrily drawn brown-tobiano filly, which we baptized “Soraya C”. This is the first foal of our premium-broodmare “It´s Nanook”, father is “Samenco K”. Filly and horse mummy probably are. For this year are the night watches finally past.


15. April 2008

This morning, at 3.45 o'clock, is born our first Fohlen in this year. It became a completely chic dark-brown tobiano filly (4 x high-white boots, a small star, - an image of their
successful father Samenco K v. Samber/Sans Souci). We baptized this filly
“Sissy C”. It is the second foal of my broodmare “What´s UP” of Camaro and sees similar to its full sister from 2006 for confounding. Horse mummy and filly probably are. We are overjoyed.


August 2007

Participation in the lock park tournament in Meisdorf and first large acid test for our gelding Pjetro (in the back right strained) in the mixed pony-warmblood-four-in-hand. Coolly and reliably our driving-crack completed this first examination. Also in the following curricle-dressage-driving as well as in the time obstacle driving our black-tobiano gelding struck itself completely outstanding.


July 2007

Our 4 years old dark-fox gelding “Sisco C” of Samenco II K out of our mare Mona Lisa found a new home in close proximity to Leipzig/Grimma and was purposefully promoted in jumping from now on. We wish for this much success.

Also our 2 years old black-tobiano premium mare “Santana C” of Samenco II K out of our mare Mona Lisa was sold to an international versatility stable. We wish the new owner all property with this singular and send mare, which is to be used first in the breed.

Also our small dark-brown premium mare “Skyline C” will at short notice begin the journey in close proximity to Hamburg. Their new owner looks forward already to train and sportily as far as possible promote this unique horse. We wish for this much luck and success.

Our brown-tobiano colt “Sandro C” was sold into the proximity of Cottbus. Also a successful sporty career is approaching for it after professional raising.


19. April 2007

This evening, at 23.15 o'clock, was born our in this year only foal. It became a beautiful, enormous large brown-tobiano colt with unmistakable design (4 x high-white boots and a half-moon on the forehead). We baptized this colt “Sandro C”. It is the 3rd foal of my broodmare Mona Lisa, father is Samenco K of Samber/Sans Souci. We are very proudly on these send new generation.


11. November 2006

After long, serious illness we had to release our loved friend "Ben", our singular long-stick-hair-shepherd-dog-coarse of its suffering. "Ben", we are missing you so much! We will always carry you in our hearts and later then together with you we will go over the rainbow bridge. Have thanks for the marvelous time, which we were allowed to spend with you.


German breeding-championship of the ZfdP for pinto-hunter on 03.10.2006 in Grasleben

Our only 7 weeks old filly “skyline C” of “Samenco II K” out of our broodmare “What´s UP” was after-announced due to the received federation-cup in Grasleben and occupied here in the mixed class of all pinto-hunter-foals (colts and fillies) a very good 6th place. Comment of the judges: ”… This well designed filly still grows with security into ranks! … “.
We are pleased much about this success and are also proud on our mare “What´s UP”, this event
- although only 4 years old - very cool and sovereign mastered.

September 2006 - finally our new horse stable is finished!

In september 2006 the new horse stable in Etgersleben with 8 roomy boxes and adjacent discharge was finished. I would like to thank here again the company Handwerkerhof Egeln, which realized this building project briskly and competently. To the stable inauguration party many guests, the newspaper “Volksstimme” came dedicated to this beautiful event a whole side (see above).


German breeding-championship of the ZfdP on 03.10.2005

Our black-tobiano filly

Santana C
(of Samenco II K/Samber out of our mare

reserved a outstanding 4th place in the mixed class (pinto-hunter colts and fillies). We are powerfully proud on the small mouse and naturally also on our mare Mona Lisa, which let the whole Procedere be issued calmly over itself.

photo: K. Jesinghaus

Yard fuel date of the ZfdP on 21.09.2005

On the occasion of the yard fuel date of the ZfdP in Etgersleben, fixed by the breeding federation for German horses registered association (ZfdP), our in April 2005 born filly became

Santana C
(of Samenco II K/Samber out of our mare Mona-Lisa)

a premium and thereby it qualified itself for the german breeding-championship of ZfdP 2005 in Grasleben.

photo: K. Jesinghaus