This page is dedicated to beautiful in addition sad memories.

On 05. July 2011 my young mare Suri C died, because she was very ill and we couldĀ“nt help her. Thank you, my little girl, for the wonderful time with you. I will never forget you.


After a havy colic my more loved fox gelding "Tarik" died on 10.02.2010 . In order to help it we did everything only humanly possible - but we lost this last fight .

My friend, I thank you for your loyalty and for 17 beautiful years at your side. We all miss you and you will be never forgotten.

Tarik (1997-2010)
In a age of 27 years I lost my loved "grand dame", the coloured premium mare and stallion-mother "Iamira" (one of the last direct daughters of the jumping-legend Ico). Thanks for many wonderful years at your side, my girlfriend. You will have a place in my heart for ever.