Name: Lara C
Color: brown white tobiano (couldt be grey brown white tobiano)
Born: 29.04.2010
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
Stickmeasure: approx. 168 cm

We visited Lara C in April 2022 ... wow, what a beauty, now 12 years old.

Today we got some new photos of Lara C (thanks to the new owner), she is now 7 years old, a wonderful and lovely mare. I´m so happy, to hear, that she is fine.

Last photos bevore going into a new home...

photo: Y. Cybulla (Lara C, 2 and 5 days old)

Pedigree Lara C

Wouldt you like more informations about Lara C and her descent?

Lara C was born on 29.04.2010 in Etgersleben. She is the 2. foal of my broodmare It´s Nanook. Lara C was sold.