Name: San Diego C
Color: Gold-brown white tobiano
DNA-Test: heterozygous
Born: 07.07.2006
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
stick measure: 166 cm

San Diego C 10/2011

San Diego C 05/2011

San Diego C 04/2011

San Diego C 09/2010

San Diego C 05/2011

San Diego C 06/2010

photos: Y. Cybulla

Pedigree San Diego C

"San Diego C" was born to 07.07.2006. It is a very elegant and modern gelding. Equiped with generous movement potential and an ingenious jumping ability this horse does not leave desires open. San Diego C has full papers from ZfdP with a top pedigree (see "Foals/San Diego C"). This youngster is built to excel in any discipline and has an excellent temperament.

In our herd this powerful boy is always the "engineā€œ. He is very pleasant, coolly and learn-eagerly. With its wonderful gold-brown color, the little blaze-sticks and 4 white boots it also optic wins favor and is here the favorite of all children because of his good character.

San Diego C is a very present gelding. San Diego C - a colored dream!

San Diego C was sold as a driving horse in Oktober 2011. We wish the new owner all the best with our "little boy".