Name: Santa Fee C (premium filly!)
Color: dark-brown white tobiano
DNA: heterozygous
Born: 08.05.2012
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
Stick measure: 170 cm

Santa Fee C, nearly 1 year old

Santa Fee C, 6 months old

Santa Fee C, 3 Monate alt

Santa Fee C, 9 weeks old

Santa Fee C, 10 days old

Santa Fee C, 3 days old

photos: Y. Cybulla (Santa Fee C, 6 hours old)

Pedigree Santa Fee C

Would you like to know more informations about "Santa Fee C" and its descent?

"Santa Fee C" was born on 08.05.2012 in Etgersleben. Her father is the successvul dark-brown white tobiano stallion "Samenco K" from "Samber".

The 1991 born "Samenco K" (riding stable König, Haldensleben) was promoted in the jumping haven up to the class S and can show also victories and placements in dressage and versatility examinations (among other things vice-national masters versatility as well as qualification to the Bundeschampionat). It is equipped a modern, clearly blood-coined stallion in a noble optics, with high character values as well as a large movement and jumping potential - characteristics, which it also without excepition passes on at its descendants.

Its grandfather "Samber" (stallion station Smilda, Holland) goes back on the well-known full blood stallion "Pericles xx", the multicolored color it inherited of the large-caliber Dutch black white tobiano mare "Tina D". The world-well-known dark-brown white tobiano stallion "Samber" was victorious both in jumping and in dressage up to class S/Intermediare I and was a legend already during lifetimes.

"Samber" in my eyes is the urfather of the multicolored sport horse breeding, a first-class stallion and a high-quality achievement sporthorse. It was evaluated with the rarely assigned dream note „10 “for temper and ridability and left a multiplicity of inspected sons and premium-daughters in a world class format.

To call here among other things would be the elite stallion "Art Deco" (Silverwood farm, USA, victoriously in dressage up to Grand Prix and also in S-jumping), the full brothers "Samenco B" (stallion station Bachl, Bayern - placed to M-jumping) and "Samenco K" (stallion station König, Sachsen-Anhalt - promoted up to S-jumping and high-successfully in dressage examinations), "Sambuco B" (a colored jumping stallion in a world format with more than 10 inspected sons), "Sambertino" (victorious till S-dressage with sportily just as successful descendants), "Ed King Hill" (outstanding dressage stallion with high own contribution).

A listing of successes of "Samber" and its high-successful offspring would blow up the capacity of this side.

"Samenco K" goes at the motherside back to the French half-blood mare "Rajunka". Its grandfather "Sans Souci" originates likewise from French breed and can show an impressive sporty own contribution (among other things sixth place in the single jumping with the Olympic Games 1972). Grandmother "Raiputani xx" comes off from the full blood stallion "Royal Avanue xx" and the mare "Seamenco xx".

Santa Fee C´s mother, "Mona Lisa", comes off from the black stallion "Eldorado" (by its owner mentioned affectionately „Amigo “). This no less than 180 cm large stallion was not inspected, his father was the successful Trakehner stallion "Elkadi" from "Trafaret".

Mona Lisa 2010

On the mothersite "Mona Lisa" goes back to a Mecklenburger warmblood mare with the name "Nicki". This sends, about 162 cm large fox mare with a narrow white blaze during a long time was a so-called „serum horse “ in Bernburg. Later it came to the riding scool into Magdeburg.

Like all GDR-horses at that time, which were used for serum produktion, this mare has completely East German papers. Unfortunately after the turn these papers were isolate more discoverably. "Nicki" was very easy to ride, had a good temper and a correct figure. It was very fruitful and brought some very pretty foals in medium size, which all became outstanding good riding and driving horses.

In the year 2003 my "Mona Lisa" got its first colt of the brown white tobiano stallion "Samenco K"."Sisco C" became an unbelievably chic dark fox, which in the meantime was sold to a tournament horsewoman and is now promoted very successful in jumping. "Sisco C" is a completely special horse. I would maintain nearly, he can read and write. "Sisco C" is very intelligently, adaptive, has outstanding movement and a high jumping quality. It is thoroughly a modern sport horse.

In the year 2005 was born the second foal of "Mona Lisa" and "Samenco K". "Santana C", a premium black white tobiano filly as painted gots the 6. place of all german pinto-hunter foals at the federalbreedinglook of the ZfdP. This picture-beautiful mare was sold to an internationally successful, foreign versatility stable and is there as one from two multicolored broodmares the basic stick for a new warmblood breed. In 2011 "Santana C" got its first filly from the Hannoveraner stallion "Don Ricoss" (out of the well-known line of "Donnerhall"). It is like its mother "Mona Lisa" a outstanding horse mummy with high leaving quality.

The third foal of "Mona Lisa" and "Samenco K" was born in 2007. "Sandro C" is a chic brown white tobiano colt with a half-moon on its forehead. Already few days old it - as one says so beautifully - knew „lamps withdraws “. It was sold as into the proximity of Cottbus and is drawn up there as stallion.

In the cover season 2009 "Mona Lisa" was inseminated of the elite stallion "Samico F", which is stationed in the land stud Dillenburg and was successful till the highest dressage class S. On Easter monday, the 05.04.2010, a wonderful brown filly with long legs and very good moovies was born.

Santa Fee C is the 5. foal of our leading broodmare Mona Lisa and the top stallion Samenco K (from Samber/Pericles xx/Sans Souci). She is a wonderful painted filly with long legs, very good moovements and a kindly character. Santa Fee C was sold to Switzerland. We wish the new owner all the best and good luck with this wonderful colored filly from Germany.