Name: Sarah C
Color: Brown
Born: 07.05.2009
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
Stick measure: approx. 168 cm

Sarah C (2 years old 05/2011)

Sarah C 05/2011 (2-years old)

Sarah C (2 years old in 05/2011)

photos: Y. Cybulla - (Sarah C 8 weeks old)

Pedigree Sarah C

Would you like more informations about "Sarah C" and its descent?

"Sarah C" was born on Tuesday, 07.05.2009, in Etgersleben. It is the second on this yard born foal from my premium broodmare "Iamira".

"Sarah C´s" father is the dark-brown white tobiano Oldenburger premium stallion "Samaii". This stallion was inspected and premium awarded by the ZfdP and got its cover permission over sporty activities (emphasis dressage). Now it is approved in Neustadt Dosse."Samaii" in our opinion at present is one of the best and most promising young colored stallions in Germany, owned by Cherryl Mitchel (UK)..

Foto "Samaii" mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Besitzerin

"Samaii" on the paternal side comes off from the dark-brown white tobiano stallion "Sambertino". At first this stallion was stationed in Holland for 3 years, where it witnessed indication in accordance with over 100 foals. As a 4 - and 5-years old stallion "Sambertino" was qualified for the semi-final of the Pavo Cups in Holland (comparably with the German Bundeschampionat). "Sambertino" completed its stallion approvement (HLP) in Neustadt Dosse with a outstanding 8th place in dressage with altogether 43 stallions (score 113.99). Afterwards it was successfully sportily promoted both in Holland, and in UK and set up later as stallion to UK.

On the mother side "Samaii" goes back to the Hannoveraner elite mare "Berolina", an unusual daughter of the well-known dressage stallion "Brentano II", which is stationed in the German land stud Celle. It leads the stallions "Bolero" and "Grande" in the pedigree and also the full blood stallion "Black Sky xx". "Brentano II" left so far 20 inspected sons. This impressive fox stallion in demand received the title “Hannoveraner of the year 2003". It got the 4. place of the German Bundeschampionat and is trained even up to dressage class S. Its daughter "Brentina" won with the Weltreiterspiele in Jerez with the American Debbie McDonald crew-bronze, its son "Bon Jovie" became federal champion of the four years old sporthorses in Warendorf. As the mother father of the important Brandenburger mare "Poetin" (world champion and winner of the Bundeschampionat) this wonderful dressage stallion proved its outstanding leaving strength. Also "Samaii" cannot deny its Hannoveraner mother side.

"Silvana C´s" grandfather "Samber" (stallion-station Smilda, Holland) goas back to the known full blood stallion "Pericles xx", the color it got from the dutch black white tobiano mare "Tina D". The world-known dark-brown white tobiano stallion "Samber" was victorious both in jumping and in dressage up to the class S/Intermediare I and was already during life-times a stallion legend.

"Samber" in my eyes is the urfather of the multicolored sport horse breeding, a first-class stallion and a high-quality achievement sporthorse. It was evaluated with the rarely assigned dream note „10 “for temper and ridability and left a multiplicity of inspected sons and premium-daughters in a world class format.

To call here among other things would be the elite stallion "Art Deco" (Silverwood farm, USA, victoriously in dressage up to Grand Prix and also in S-jumping), the full brothers "Samenco B" (stallion station Bachl, Bayern - placed to M-jumping) and "Samenco K" (stallion station König, Sachsen-Anhalt - promoted up to S-jumping and high-successfully in dressage examinations), "Sambuco B" (a colored jumping stallion in a world format with more than 10 inspected sons), "Sambertino" (victorious till S-dressage with sportily just as successful descendants), "Ed King Hill" (outstanding dressage stallion with high own contribution).

A listing of successes of "Samber" and its high-successful offspring would blow up the capacity of this side.

"Sarah C´s" mother is our premium broodmare "Iamira". The beautiful brown white color comes from its father "Ico" (stick measure 163 cm), a multicolored son of the Trakehner stallion Marco Polo. Marco Polo goes back to the full blood stallion "Poet xx" and it is also the father of the well-known stallion Marius, from which among other things descend the internationally successful jumping horse "Milton" (ridden by John Whitaker).

One repeats to the leave-strong brown "Poet xx", its descendants all together „would by the way vary between genius and insanity“. Fortunately the positive genes outweigh with my "Iamira". It has a strong character, but I would not classify her however rather as „an ingenious horse “.

"Ico´s" mother "Sonja" is a daughter of the heavy Groninger stallion "Sineada", which left 14 inspected sons. Its daughters brought particularly in the breeding with the Trakehner stallion "Marco Polo" a stately number of particularly jumping-talented descendants.

"Ico" was stationed in Hessen/Germany and became there the most successful multicolored jumping stallion in that time. It left a remarkable number of inspected sons and premium mares. On behalf for this would be to be called among other things the brown white tobiano stallion "Nekoma", which becane the winner in the power jumping over a height of 2,30 m under Jürgen Kenn. In addition, the sons "Ilasso" and "Icon", which were successful up to the heavy class of dressage, occupy the high leaving value of this multicolored exception stallion.

On the mother-site "Iamira" goes back to the brown Trakehner mare Helena II, which leads in its pedigree high-carat Trakehner stallions like "Helianthus", "Halali" and "Altan". "Halali" was a long time stationed in the stud Zweibrücken and is also the father of mould elite stallion "Marduc", one of the most important stallions of the post-war period. "Altan" at that time enjoys the call of the descent and leave-moderately in breeder circles probably best stallion of the east german Trakehner-breed.

"Iamira" was awarded with the federation premium of the ZfdP and has beside several outstanding descendants already a inspected, achievement-examined son ("Apollo auf der Lieth", born 1995, a brown white tobiano stallion like his wonderful mother).

The mare has an unusually good step, a very clock-safe trot, swinging over the whole backs and a pleasant, always uphill jumped and set gallopp. It passes the famous Trakehner bloom and aristocracy as well as outstanding movements and already promptly recognizable, highly gifted jumping assessment on without exception to its foals.

"Sarah C" shows like also its half sister of the same age "Silvana C" already in the age of only unites days remarkable movements, swinging by the whole body, and a beautiful, set gallopp. The quality of this filly fulfills more than our anyway already high expectations from these breed. Descend-moderately "Sarah C" might become a noteworthy offer for the ambitious dressage rider, due to its cool character in addition it would be suitable for all other ranges of the horse haven. We may be rightfully strained on the further development of this filly with the 4 white soacks and the small star on the forehead. "Sarah C" was highly evaluated by the ZfdP.

Sarah C (2 1/2years old in Oktober 2011, a wonderful young lady)

Sarah C was sold to a dressage rider in Kiel/Germany. We wisch the new owner all the best with our little girl.