Name: Skyline C
Farbe: Braunschecke (Tobiano)
DNA-Test: mischerbig/heterozygot
Geb.: 13.082006
Rasse: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
Stockmaß: ca. 168 cm

Pedigree Skyline C


"Skyline C" is a now approx. 168 cm large, beautifully drawn dark-brown white tobiano mare from "Samenco K" out of our "What´s up" (from "Camaro"). This from the ZfdP high evaluatedpremium filly in 2007 occupied to the german federalbreedinglook a outstanding 4th place (only 5 weeks old) against all pinto-hunter foals of the class. "Skyline C" shows an unusually good, persistent galopp, apart from outstanding movements and a very good jumping assessment. It was sold as two years old mare to a tournament stable in close proximity to Hamburg. In the meantime it is ridden very well and will collect first experiences in young horse examinations in the season 2010. "Skyline C" developed as expected well and had apart from innate presence also a outstanding, cool character. For the future we wish much success to the owners and all conceivable property with this chic dream mare from our special breed