name: Vajum C (premium award.)
colour: black-white tobiano
DNA-Test: heterozygot
born: 19.07.2016
race: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
stick-measure: approx. 167 cm


pedigree Vajum C


2 1/4 years old...

2 years old, now gelding ...

nearly 2 years old...

1,5 years old, a wonderful type!

nearly 1 year old, our charmeur!

nearly 11 months old, Vajum C is the "little chef" in the stallion-herd, a very cool character!

10 months old, a dream in black and white - our stallion-prospect Vajum C, amazing!

9,5 months old, our little charmeur!

9 months old...

7,5 months old - our charming boy...

6 months old, our little heart-breaker, he is really a special boy!

5,5 months old...

4 months old, our heart-breaker...

3 months old, a top stallion-prospect...

10 weeks old - a charmed heart-breaker with top quality for sport and breeding!

8 weeks old, a premium stallion prospekt with a lot of full-blood-lines!

6 weeks old, a wonderful type with a lot of charme ...

5 weeks old, a little double-talent how coloured!

4 weeks old ...

3 weeks old, a really rarity in black-white colour...

10 days old - a wonderful stallion-prospect for the future!

5 days old...

3 days old...

2 days old, a little charmeur!

Day of birth (1 hour old) ... a very typeful and wonderful coloured tobiano colt

Do you like to know more about Vajum C?

Vajum C was born after 383 days of pregnancy on Tuesday, 19.07.2016 at 5.50 o´clock in Etgersleben. He is the 5. foal of my wonderful homozygous broodmare What´s up.

The sire of this special colt is the black stallion Viscount/Hann., a young and successful son of the great Valentino and a mare by Acorado I/Imperator. Viscount is the best you can find at the moment in the stud Celle. Also the English Queen knows that and is waiting for a foal of him.

The stud Celle has descriped the stallion Viscount as follow: (stallion-prospect 2016):

"Expressive in terms of style, excellent exterior combined with 3 very good basic styles and excellent technic at the jump - all of this combines Viscount! Since 2014 Viscount has been a serie winner in jumping competitions and now he is successful in jumping class M **. His unbelievable ridebility and performance provided him with trampots and over 80% golden loop. His first foals are very elegant, long-legged and with an outstanding movement."

"Vajum C" is the 4. foal of my black white tobiano mare "What´s up", a direct daughter of the 171 cm large black and white tobiano Trakehner stallion "Camaro". His great-grandfather is that unfortunately much too early the deceased elite stallion candidate "Le Duc", a noble Trakehner stallion in a dark-fox colored jacket and son of the elite dressage stallion "Anduc" out of the Trakehner mare "Liga" from "Pregel". "Le Duc" was victorious in dressage up to the class S.

"Camaro" comes at the motherside off from the "Colored Beauty" (one that line founder inside the Trakehner breed on the island Föhr) and goes thereby back on the probably most successful multicolored Trakehner-Pintoline of "Cornelius". "Camaro" was 2002 finalist at the Bundeschampionat of the 5-years old horses (for this also 2003 qualified, 5th place) as well as victoriously and high placed in dressage, jumping and versatility examinations up to the class M.

photos: Camaro (with friendly consent of his owner, Renate Christiansen)

At the mothersite "What´s up" goes back on the black white tobiano premium mare "Waterloo", a daughter of the brown white tobiano stallion "Karabin" and the dark-brown Württemberger mare "Wonderful Lady". Its father is Holsteiner stallion "Lehar" (land stud Marbach) of the century full blood stallion "Ladykiller xx" out of the Hannoveraner mare "Westlady" from "Wendekreis" (one of the most successful jumping stallions of the last decades) and the hard full blood stallion "Der Löwe xx" (winner of altogether 8 large gallopp running, among other things 1948 generally speaking price from Baden-Baden and Frankfurt - a phenomenon in the German warmblood breed, which supplied by the dozen point horses for all ranges including Olympiads and world championships).

"What´s up" got 2006 its first foal of "Samenco K". "Skyline C" is optically how its father, a very similarly seeing dark-brown white tobiano mare. She was premied by the ZfdP and received - only 3 weeks old - already the 1 e - price of federalbreedinglook in the year 2006. Besides their mother inherited it the singular character apart from outstanding course of motion and obvious jumping gift.

photo: Skyline C (2 years old, with friendly consent of her new owner)

"Skyline C" was sold as a yearling into the proximity of Hamburg, draws up there and now will bi trained … “even ouple fences of no less than 1.40 m do not represent an obstacle for this ingenious mare“…, its new owner swarmed. The mare had large sporty potential and is to be introduced now in first dressage and jumping horse examinations.

photo: Skyline C (3 years old, with friendly consent of her new owner)

The second foal of "What´s up" is our broodmare "Sissy C", she is optically an image of her full sister "Skyline C". She also was highly evaluated and premied by the ZfdP, received the permission to federalbreedinglook 2008. "Sissy C" is a dark-brown white tobiano filly as painted - beautifully and even-moderately drawn with 4 white boots and a small, nearly not visible wedge star. 

This mare has like its mother "What´s up" an unbelievably dear, easy-handle character, is very much human being-referred, learn willing and unlocked. It has an almost unlimited movement and jumping potential. Above all however it loves extensive, fast galloping over endless ouples, so that this horse apart from its suitability for the elevated jumping, dressage, driving and leisure sport might be also a noteworthy offer for the versatility sport. She is a highlight of our stud now, an excellent broodmare.

In July 2014 our What´s up got her 4. foal after a long pregnancy-time of 383 days. This black-white tobiano colt (Cupido C) was premium awarded by the ZfdP, he shows very good movements and also a lot of jumping talent, is easy to handle. He is offered for sale only, because I think, he will get a stick-measure of not more than 160 cm at the end. We are looking for a very good place for our little boy.

Simply a dream new generation sport horse in multicolored!