Sales horses

We are proud to offer our very finest from our breeding program. All of our foals are raised with love and care. At present the following horses stand to the sale (price list see below):

price-class I: until 5.000 EUR
price-class II: between 5.000 and 10.000 EUR
price-class III: more than 10.000 EUR


Cayenne C (price-class II)

pedigree Cayenne C

==> Cayenne C, a future stallion-prospect how painted with a correct exterieur and very good movements, he has a lot of talent for dressage and jumping too and is a son of our licenced premium stallion Colanyc (Cadeau Noir/Hann. x Samenco K/Ilasso) and our premium-broodmare Sissy C (Samenco K/Samber x Lehar/Ladykiller xx)

==> this wonderful coloured young horse will get a stick-measure of approx. 168 cm groß, Cayenne C is heterozygous and has no RED-gen!, a high-quality colt out of the first season of Colanyc!

==> more informations: "Cayenne C"


Cid C (price-class I)

pedigree Cid C

==> Cid C, a very longlined, typy colt with a lot of Trakehner-blood in his pedigree (born 09.04.2018) by our premium stallion Colanyc (Cadeau Noir/Hann. x Samenco K/Ilasso) and our premium broodmareCaribic C (Camaro/Trak. x Ringo/Trak.), a wonderful diamond for dressage or jumping with a very good interieur

==> this young boy will get a stick-measure of approx. 168 cm groß

==> more informations: "Cid C"


Sceltic C (price-class III)

pedigree Sceltic C

==> Sceltic C, a typeful, beautiful coloured nearly 3 years old gelding with very good movements for dressage is by the successful Trakehner stallion Schwarzgold and our premium mare Shona C (by Samaii/Old. x Camaro, Lehar, Ladykiller xx), this colour is very rare, a black-white tobiano with long legs, best interieur and a lovely face

==> this dressage talent will get a stick-measure of approx. 170 cm, we are looking vor a very good new home for our boy

==> more informations: "Sceltic C"



Carat C (price-class II)

pedigree Carat C

==> Carat C, a very modern, typeful, 2 years old half-Trakehner gelding with a lot of charme and top movements by the important coloured elite-stallion Camaro/Trak. out of our champion broodmare Shakira (by the elite-stallion Samico F/Samber x Falkland/Wanderer/Pik König), this is a wonderful and kindly "dancer" for sport and fun, you will love this boy!
==> born 06.05.2016, a top young horse for dressage, end-stick-measure approx. 172 cm

==> more informations: "Carat C" ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Caribic C (price-class II)

Pedigree Caribic C

==>top modern 7 years old premium-mare by the successful Trakehner stallion Camaro (by Le Duc/Anduc/Elvis/Karabin) out of our wonderful half-Trakehner mare Nike (by Ringo/Niferak/Feiertraum)
==> Caribic C has very good movements and also a lot of jumping talent, long legs and a Trakehner-face with charme - a young character-mare, this mare had a date with our coloured premium stallion Colanyc in May 2017 and is pregnant, Caribic C is offered for sale alone or "in utero" with her foal (only until the End of April 2018)!

==> 167 cm, best quality for dressage, jumping or driving

==> more informations:
"Caribic C"


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