Name: Santana C (Verbands-Fohlenprämie 2005)
Color: black white tobiano
DNA: heterozygous
Born: 2005
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
Stick measure: 167 cm

photo: K. Jesinghaus

photos: Y. Cybulla

Pedigree Santana C


"Santana C" is a beautifully drawn black white tobiano premium mare, which reached like also its 2 years older full brother "Sisco C" (dark fox) a stick measure of approximately 167 cm. In 2005 it occupied on to german federalbreedinglook of the ZfdP and got a outstanding 5th place in the category of the pinto hunter foals. This mare was drawn up here and then sold (3 years old) to an international versatility stable. Due to its outstanding quality "Santana C" (its name is now "Syphonie") in the future it will be one of two multicolored broodmares and the basis for a unique warmblood breed in this country. In July 2009 it got the first foal from the Hannoverian stallion "Don Riccoss" (from "Donnerhall") - a beautiful black filly with 2 white socks and a star. "Santana C" is thoroughly a sport horse, very intelligently, adaptive, good movement and high jumping quality. A typical "Samenco K" - daughter, which can against-look with security of a successful sporty and breeding career.