Name: Sisco C
Color: dark-fox
Born: 24.02.2003
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
Stick measure: 172 cm

photos: Y. Cybulla

Pedigree Sisco C


"Sisco C" is an unbelievably chic dark fox gelding (in the summer singularly nearly violet resplendent) with a stick measure from now approx. 172 cm. This wonderful gelding was drawn up here, solid ridden and then (4 years old) sold as a tournament horse. Since then it is successfully promoted in jumping in Sachsen. "Sisco C" is thoroughly a family and sport horse - like that, as one wishes oneself a horse. It is a completely special horse. I would maintain nearly, it can read and write - it is a very intelligently, adaptive gelding with great movement and top jumping quality like its father "Samenco K". A typical "Samenco K"-son, from which in the future we surely still have to expect some successes.