name: Crissy C
colour: brown-white tobiano
born: 28.04.2020-29.04.2020
race: Deutsches Pferd (ZfdP)
stick-measure: approx. 168 cm

pedigree Crissy C

So sad. After only some hours of life we had to say good bye to our little Crissy C. She was a very big filly. The birth was not easy and her mum had to fight a long time to bring she to the world with our help. Probably the foal has had an oxygen deficiency. It came to serious complications occurred after a very short time. The veterinarians in the veterinary clinic were unfortunately unable to help. Our little Crissy C passed away only 1 day after birth. We are infinitely sad. She was such a lovely filly, maybe homozygous for tobiano. Mama Nike suffers silently and is comforted by her best friend Pjetro. Now she is at home again. Run free, my little girl, I am crying...

day of birth...


Crissy C wurde am Montag, den 28.04.2020 um 03.02 Uhr in Etgersleben geboren. Sie ist das allererste Fohlen meines Lieblings Classico Deluxe C, ihre Mutter ist unsere erfahrene und nervenstarke Braunscheckstute Nike.

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