Name: Iamira (stallion-mother and premium mare)
Color: brown-white tobiano
DNA-Test: heterozygous
Geb.: 1989-2015
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
Stick measure: 162 cm

In a age of 27 years I lost my loved "grand dame", the coloured premium mare and stallion-mother "Iamira" (one of the last direct daughters of the jumping-legend Ico). Thanks for many wonderful years at your side, my girlfriend. You will have a place in my heart for ever.

Iamira (retired) in the age of 23 years

photos: Y. Cybulla

Pedigree Iamira

Our offspring of "Iamira":

"San Diego C" (gold brown-white tobiano; born 07.07.2006)

"Sarah C" (unicolored brown; born 07.05.2009)

"Cassandra C" (unicolored brown; born 08.06.2011)

Would you like to know more about the history and the descent of my mare "Iamira"?

Iamira was born in the north of germany in the year 1989 and was used some years as broodmare. After that it was sold and after several stopovers in the long run it landed with an old horse dealer, who becomes indeed fair the negative plate of this industry.

During my search for good colored mares for my nevertheless very special breed I read sales announcements again and again. A heading „rare piece - one of the last direct Ico-daughters to sell“ made me more than curious.

That´s why I drove to this mentioned horse dealer in the summer 2005. When I arrived, in the midst of here better does not detail descriptive local conditions, in a dark box I saw a medium sized, quite lean brown white tobiano broodmare with its beautiful brown filly. I looked in two large, honest, but infinitely sad eyes. Despite all its bad experiences with humans "Iamira"let itself saddle and briefly rehearse-rides of me. It had even driven in a curricle. After long considering (at this time the mare nevertheless was already 16 years old) I decided to redeem this horse.

Our beginning was not easy. "Iamira" trusted nobody, felt at first pressed and makes excessive demands of. For weeks it withdrew itself into the dark again and again. It took actually nearly one year, until it drew itself here correctly acclimatized, new life courage and its skin shone again. Long overdue dental treatments and the assistance of a good osteopath improved appreciably its general condition. It is now the resting pole in my multicolored herd and have never repented my decision for the well-being of this marvelous horse.

The beautiful brown white color comes from its father "Ico" (stick measure 163 cm), a multicolored son of the Trakehner stallion Marco Polo. Marco Polo goes back to the full blood stallion "Poet xx" and it is also the father of the well-known stallion Marius, from which among other things descend the internationally successful jumping horse "Milton" (ridden by John Whitaker).

One repeats to the leave-strong brown "Poet xx", its descendants all together „would by the way vary between genius and insanity“. Fortunately the positive genes outweigh with my "Iamira". It has a strong character, but I would not classify her however rather as „an ingenious horse “.

"Ico´s" mother "Sonja" is a daughter of the heavy Groninger stallion "Sineada", which left 14 inspected sons. Its daughters brought particularly in the breeding with the Trakehner stallion "Marco Polo" a stately number of particularly jumping-talented descendants.

"Ico" was stationed in Hessen/Germany and became there the most successful multicolored jumping stallion in that time. It left a remarkable number of inspected sons and premium mares. On behalf for this would be to be called among other things the brown white tobiano stallion "Nekoma", which becane the winner in the power jumping over a height of 2,30 m under Jürgen Kenn. In addition, the sons "Ilasso" and "Icon", which were successful up to the heavy class of dressage, occupy the high leaving value of this multicolored exception stallion.

On the mother-site "Iamira" goes back to the brown Trakehner mare Helena II, which leads in its pedigree high-carat Trakehner stallions like "Helianthus", "Halali" and "Altan". "Halali" was a long time stationed in the stud Zweibrücken and is also the father of mould elite stallion "Marduc", one of the most important stallions of the post-war period. "Altan" at that time enjoys the call of the descent and leave-moderately in breeder circles probably best stallion of the east german Trakehner-breed.

"Iamira" was awarded with the federation premium of the ZfdP and has beside several outstanding descendants already a inspected, achievement-examined son ("Apollo auf der Lieth", born 1995, a brown white tobiano stallion like his wonderful mother).

The mare has an unusually good step, a very clock-safe trot, swinging over the whole backs and a pleasant, always uphill jumped and set gallopp. It passes the famous Trakehner bloom and aristocracy as well as outstanding movements and already promptly recognizable, highly gifted jumping assessment on without exception to its foals.

"Iamira" gave us after heavy birth process in the year 2006 a completely chic colt
- San Diego C, a noble gold-brown white tobiano foal (for sale) of "Samenco K", which more than fulfilled our high expectations.


To 07.05.2009 our "Iamira" brought a beautiful, unicolored brown filly with long legs to the world. Its father is the young english premium stallion "Samaii" of "Sambertino"/"Samber" x "Brentano II". "Sarah C" shows the outstanding leaving strength of this unique mare with the proverbial Trakehner bloom and - aristocracy.

Our premium mare Iamira was infoaled in 2010 from the Trakehner black white tobiano stallion Camaro. Her filly Cassandra C was born in June 2011. This was the last foal of our 21 years old girl, which will be retired from breeding now and stay alive here on this stud. Thank you very much, Iamira. We are so proud about you.

Update 03.06.2015:

Sadly News: Our "Grand Dame", the premium awarded broodmare and stallion-mother "Iamira" (by Ico x Helianthus/Trak.) , one of the last direct daughters of the important stallion Ico died in the age of nearly 27 years. She was very ill and so I had to decide to help her. My vet came and euthanized her in her stable between her horse-family. It was very peaceful - now she is sleeping for ever.

R.I.P., my wonderful old girlfriend - I hope, you will pass the rainbow-bridge very well. Your stable is without you now, we miss you so much. Good bye, my girl with your unbelievebel Trakehner-charme and THANK YOU for the 11 wonderful years with you...