Name: Shakira C
(premium mare and German champion 2009 from the ZfdP!!!)
Color: Brown white tobiano
DNA: heterozygous
Born: 19.03.2005 - 06.03.2022
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (Hessischer Pferdezuchtverband)
Stick measure: 172 cm


Our wonderful premium mare Shakira died at 06.03.2022. She was pregnant by our Colanyc - this foal we can never welcome. We are so shocked. R.I.P., lovely Shaki - thanks for your Love. You will ever live in our hearts. Unforgotten...

Shakira in April 2020...

Shakira in May 2019...

Shakira C, 09/2011

Foto: Bildreport Wagner

Pedigree Shakira C

Offspring from "Shakira C":

"Briana C"
(geb. 2011)

Would you like to know more informations about the history and the descent of my mare "Shakira C"?

"Shakira C" was born in 2005 in Hessen. In the spring of the same year my mare "Mona Lisa" had brought a black white tobiano filly of "Samenco K" ("Santana C") to the world and I looked for a colored filly in the same age.

I connected my search with the inspection of several multicolored stallions. Among other things also the Hessian elite stallion "Samico F" stood on my list. I drove to Hessen, in order look at this well known stallion, of which I had had heard already so much. I was enthusiastic by its radiant emittance strength and dynamics, besides it was easy to handle and has a pleasant character. I discuss with its owner and we drove to an other breeder, who even had offered a straight 3 weeks old filly of "Samico F" for the sale.

Did you experience already this indescribable feeling, when you see a horse for the first time and it takes your´s breath away? Exactly the same it was issued me with "Shakira C". It showes all-finestmovements, a radiant emittance - simply indescribable. I fell in love immediately with this tiny somewhat and knew, this was a completely special filly with highest quality.

I probably will never forget this unique experience and since then automatically I compare all my foals with these pictures in my head, which were perfect for me. "Shakira C" became my idealistic measuring pole for the high quality of horse-breeding, aimed at by me.

In 2005 "Shakira C" participated in the large foal campionship in Bad Arolsen. There altogether approx. 50 young colts and fillies were judged by 3 independent judges. When "Shakira C" and their mother entered the ring. I nearly had not recognized them, because this at that time still so tiny filly (in the meantime nearly 5 month old) was grown. It struck itself against the high-carat, uncolored competition completely protruding and finally it occupied -despite to indeed improvement worthy conception by its breeder- a very good 9th place.

foal championship in Bad Arolsen 2005 (photo: Y. Cybulla)

At the end of August 2005 I took "Shakira C" into Etgersleben. It acclimatized itself here fast and was a very good friend for my Santana C up to their sale (2 years later).

"Shakira C´s" father, the brown white tobiano Hessian elite stallion "Samico F", is very successful in dressage up to the highest german class S and a direct son of the Dutch stallion "Samber". "Samico F" has already several inspected sons and a lot of premium offspring, inquired strongly in the achievement sport.

Samico F (photo with friendly permission of the owner)

Its grandfather "Samber" (stallion station Smilda, Netherlands) goes back to the well-known full blood stallion "Pericles xx" and got its color of the Dutch black white tobiano mare "Tina D". The legend and world-well-known dark-brown white tobiano stallion "Samber" was victoriously both in heavy jumping and in the dressage up to german class S/Intermediare.

"Samber" in my eyes is the urfather of the multicolored sport horse breeding, a first-class stallion and a high-quality achievement sporthorse. It was evaluated with the rarely assigned dream note „10" for temper and ridability and left a multiplicity of inspected sons and premium mares in the world class format.

To call here among other things would be the elite stallion "Art Deco" (stationed in USA on the Silverwood farm, victoriously up to dressage till Grand Prix and in jumping up to class S), the twofull brothers "Samenco B" (stallion station Bachl, Bayern - placed to M-jumping) and "Samenco K" (stallion station König, Sachsen-Anhalt - promoted up to S-jumping and also high-successfully in dressge and military examinations), "Sambuco B" (jumping stallion of world format with more than 10 inspected sons), "Sambertino" (victorious up to S-dressage with a lot of sportily successful offspring), "Ed King Hill" and "Samaii" (both outstanding dressage stallions with high own contribution).

A listing of successes of this stallion and its high-successful offspring would blow up the capacity of this side.

At the motherside "Samico F" comes off from the brown Hessen mare "Indra F", a direct "Ico"- daughter and successful to class S. Its grandmother "Allegra F" (a black mare, which like their daughter impressed me apart from generous course of motion in particular with an extremely salient neck essay in the stallion format) comes of to a sport-successful Hessian achievement line with high-carat Hannoveraner stallions Trakehner descent such as "Abglanz" and "Absatz" in the falling pedigree.

Indra F 2005 (photo: Y. Cybulla)

"Shakira C´s" mother is the brown Hannoveraner mare "Feixenette", a daughter of the approved Hannoveraner stallion "Falkland" (stationed in the german land stud Celle). This noble black stallion has besede high ridability points also an excellent jumpint-ability, a high readiness to perform and a hardness. Its father "Wanderer" is considered as a one of the safest jumping stallions of the Hannoveraner breed and goes back to the influential brown Hannoveraner stallion "Wendekreis".

Feixenette 2005

The mother of "Falkland" is "Pik Dame", which unites the point lines of the Hannoveraner stallion "Pik König" (a outstanding jumping-stallion of the full blood stallion "Pik As xx", whose offspring isolated in addition are at home in the high spheres of dressage) and the successful jumping stallion "Wolfsburg". On the mothersite "Feixenette" goes back smirk-nice on the large, dark-brown Angloarabian "Imperator AA" (from the full blood stallion "Pot D´Or xx") as well as on the approved Hannoveraner jumping stallions "Watzmann" and "Weingau".

"Shakira C" became intermediate grown-up and reached a stick measure of over 170 cm now. Its movement potential can be compared also today still with hardly another horse. On this marvelous mare many of my hopes for a clear breeding progress within the multicolored warmblood rest.

When "Shakira C" were 4 years old it was introduced for breeding doing entry with the ZfdP and registered with the high projecting value note “9” as
premium mare into the main doing book 1 of the federation. It has itself thereby also qualified for to federalbreedinglook 2009 in Grasleben and became here to 27.09.2009 the winner in the class of the pinto hunter mares and beyond that also Bundeschampioness 2009 of the ZfdP from all presented pinto mares! She was infoaled from the dark-fox stallion Blickpunkt (Belissimo M x Fidermark) in April 2010. Her first filly (Briana C) was born in April 2011, top quality - we think, this is a new champion! Briana C was high scored by the ZfdP, is a premium filly now and has qualified herself for the German breeding championship 2011 in Grasleben!

Shakira and Briana C 10-2011

Quality in color!!!

In May 2016 our Shakira got her 2. foal, sired by the elite-stallion Camaro/Trak."Carat C" is an unicoloured colt with a lovely type, very good movements and a lot of charme. He is offered for sale.