Name: Shona C
Colour: Brown-white tobiano
DNA-Test: homozygous for tobiano!!!
Born: 26.04.2010 - 04.02.2024
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
Stick measure: ca. 172 cm

Words can´t describe our pain. Our lovely premium broodmare Shona C (Samaii x Camaro) died in the age of only 13 years. R.I.P., my loved girl. We will never forget you.

Shona C, 3 years old

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Shona C (1 year old)

photo: Y. Cybulla (Shona C, 3 days old)

Pedigree Shona C

Wouldt you like more informations about Shona C and her descent?

Shona C was born on monday, the 26.04.2010, at 2.15 o´clock, in Etgersleben. She is the 3. foal of my black-white tobiano broodmare What´s up. "Shona C´s" father is the dark-brown white tobiano Oldenburger premium stallion "Samaii". This stallion was inspected and premium awarded by the ZfdP and got its cover permission over sporty activities (emphasis dressage). Now it is approved in Neustadt Dosse."Samaii" in our opinion at present is one of the best and most promising young colored stallions in Germany, owned by Cherryl Mitchel (UK).

photo "Samaii" (with friendly consent of its owner, Cherryl Mitchel, UK)

"Samaii" on the paternal side comes off from the dark-brown white tobiano stallion "Sambertino". At first this stallion was stationed in Holland for 3 years, where it witnessed indication in accordance with over 100 foals. As a 4 - and 5-years old stallion "Sambertino" was qualified for the semi-final of the Pavo Cups in Holland (comparably with the German Bundeschampionat). "Sambertino" completed its stallion approvement (HLP) in Neustadt Dosse with a outstanding 8th place in dressage with altogether 43 stallions (score 113.99). Afterwards it was successfully sportily promoted both in Holland, and in UK and set up later as stallion to UK.

On the mother side "Samaii" goes back to the Hannoveraner elite mare "Berolina", an unusual daughter of the well-known dressage stallion "Brentano II", which is stationed in the German land stud Celle. It leads the stallions "Bolero" and "Grande" in the pedigree and also the full blood stallion "Black Sky xx". "Brentano II" left so far 20 inspected sons. This impressive fox stallion in demand received the title “Hannoveraner of the year 2003". It got the 4. place of the German Bundeschampionat and is trained even up to dressage class S. Its daughter "Brentina" won with the Weltreiterspiele in Jerez with the American Debbie McDonald crew-bronze, its son "Bon Jovie" became federal champion of the four years old sporthorses in Warendorf. As the mother father of the important Brandenburger mare "Poetin" (world champion and winner of the Bundeschampionat) this wonderful dressage stallion proved its outstanding leaving strength. Also "Samaii" cannot deny its Hannoveraner mother side.

"Shona C´s" grandfather "Samber" (stallion-station Smilda, Holland) goas back to the known full blood stallion "Pericles xx", the color it got from the dutch black white tobiano mare "Tina D". The world-known dark-brown white tobiano stallion "Samber" was victorious both in jumping and in dressage up to the class S/Intermediare I and was already during life-times a stallion legend.

"Samber" in my eyes is the urfather of the multicolored sport horse breeding, a first-class stallion and a high-quality achievement sporthorse. It was evaluated with the rarely assigned dream note „10 “for temper and ridability and left a multiplicity of inspected sons and premium-daughters in a world class format.

To call here among other things would be the elite stallion "Art Deco" (Silverwood farm, USA, victoriously in dressage up to Grand Prix and also in S-jumping), the full brothers "Samenco B" (stallion station Bachl, Bayern - placed to M-jumping) and "Samenco K" (stallion station König, Sachsen-Anhalt - promoted up to S-jumping and high-successfully in dressage examinations), "Sambuco B" (a colored jumping stallion in a world format with more than 10 inspected sons), "Sambertino" (victorious till S-dressage with sportily just as successful descendants), "Ed King Hill" (outstanding dressage stallion with high own contribution).

A listing of successes of "Samber" and its high-successful offspring would blow up the capacity of this side.

"What´s up" is a direct daughter of the Trakehner black white tobiano stallion "Camaro" (stick measure 171 cm). Her grandfather is the unfortunately much too early deceased elite stallion candidate "Le Duc", a noble Trakehner stallion in a dark-fox-painted jacket and a son of the elite dressage stallion "Anduc" from the Trakehner mare, league of "Pregel". "Le Duc" was victorious in dressage to german class S.

"Camaro" comes out of the well-known mare "Colored Beauty" (one of the line founder inside the Trakehner breed on the island Föhr) and goes thereby back on the probably most successful multicolored Trakehner pinto-line of the stallion "Cornelius". "Camaro" was finalist with the Bundeschampionat of the 5-years old military horses in the year 2002 (for this also qualified in 2003 - 5th place) as well as victoriously and high-placed in dressage, jumping and versatility examinations of the classes A-L in germany.

photos: Camaro (with the friendly consent of the owner, Renate Christiansen)

On the mothersite "What´s up" goes back to the black white premium mare "Waterloo", a daughter of the successful brown white tobiano jumping stallion "Karabin" and the unicolored dark-brown Württemberger mare "Wonderful Lady". Its father is the famous Holsteiner stallion "Lehar" (land stud Marbach) of the century full blood stallion "Ladykiller xx" from the Hannoveraner mare "West Lady" of the Hannoverian stallion "Wendekreis" (one of the most successful jumping stallions in breeding of the last decades) and the hard full blood stallion "Der Löwe xx" (the winner of altogether 8 large gallopp running and also of the Großer Preis von Baden und Frankfurt - a phenomenon in the german warmblood-breedings, by which the dozen point horses for all tournament-sporty ranges the inclusive olympiads and world championships supplied).

"What´s up" got its first foal of Samenco K in 2006. "Skyline C" is a wonderful dark-brown tobiano filly, which will reach a final dimension of approx. 168 cm. It was awarded as a premium filly by the ZfdP and received - only 3 weeks old - already the 1 e - price to the federalbreedinglook 2006 of the breeding association. Besides their mother gift it the singular character apart from outstanding course of motion and obvious jumping.

photo: Skyline C (2 years old, with friendly consent of the new owner)

It was sold as yearling into the proximity of the town Hamburg, is drawn up here and trained.
… “even ouple fences of no less than 1,40 m do not represent an obstacle for this ingenious mare“…, its new owner swarmed. The mare has large sporty potential and is to be introduced in first dressage and jumping horse examinations at the age of 4 years. We wish much luck and success for this project.

photo: Skyline C (3 years old, with friendly consent of the new owner)

In 2008 the second foal of our "What´s up" and "Samenco K" came into the world. "Sissy C" (for sale) is optically an image of their full sister "Skyline C". It was highly evaluated by the ZfdP (premium-filly) and received the permission to federalbreedinglook.

photo: Sissy C (3 days old)
What´s up´s 3. filly, "Shona C" (born 2010) is a modern homozygous filly with long legs and top movements. Shona C has a very friendly character - a juwel for dressage and breeding. She was premium awarded as a foal and got the 3. place at the German breeding championship of the ZfdP.
Shona C - dreams you can get also in COLOR!