Our stallion Colanyc

Here you can find informations about our new licenced stallion Colanyc (2018 available via natural cover):


New videos:

1.) Licencing Kreuth 2016 first day

2.) Licencing Kreuth 2016 free moving and free jumping

3.) Licencing Kreuth 2016 walk

4.) Video by the team Jan Crome-Sperling


Cover charges 2018 (please look at our discounts and general terms and conditions):

850 EUR incl. taxes for uni-coloured mares

1.500 EUR incl. taxes for heterozygous tobiano-mares

Colanyc is not available for homozygous tobiano mares.


General terms and conditions (please click here!)




colour: brown-white tobiano
DNA-test: heterozygot
born: 06.05.2014
race: Deutsches Pferd (ZfdP)
stick measure: 167 cm (2 1/2 years old)

pedigree Colanyc

Our "designer-stallion" Colanyc was born in Etgersleben on 06.05.2014.

Very good X-Rails (class II).

After a very good prepairing from the team Jan Crome-Sperling our wonderful tobiano stallion was licenced for breeding (Deutsches Pferd ZfdP) on 10.12.2016 in Kreuth. Additional he was premium awarded, because of his very good quality - and best stallion, ZfdP-branded. What a grandious result for us!

This typeful stallion takes in a spezial way some very important uni-coloured stallion-lines (Christ/Competent, De Niro/Donnerhall, Calypso II) together with best sportblood of the coloured stallions Samenco K/Samber and Ilasso/Ico (both very successful in dressage and also in jumping). This is the answer, why our stallion has such a lot of talent for dressage and jumping too in addition with a top interieur and a lot fun to work. A correct exterieur and a lovely face with dark eyes makes this young "designer-stallion" nearly perfect.

Colanyc is available via natural cover (01.02.2018 until 01.06.2018).

In June 2018 Colanyc will get a profi-train for approving (50 day-test for German warmblood-stallions). He will be registered in the stallionbook I of the ZfdP (Deutsches Pferd) after approving, until than his foals will get pinto-papers of the ZfdP. This young stallion is a rarity in quality and colour with a end-stick-measure of approx 170 cm.

For the actually breeding-conditions and more details please contact me:

stud: 39448 Börde-Hakel Ortsteil Etgersleben (Sachsen-Anhalt, 20 km from Magdeburg)

phone: 0177/8140272 (Yvonne Cybulla)