Name: It´s Nanook (Premium mare ZfdP)
Colour: brown white tobiano
DNA-Test: homozygous
Born: 2003
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (ZfdP)
Stick measure: 168 cm
infoaled from:

It´s Nanook 2011

It´s Nanook 05/2011

It´s Nanook 10/2010

It´s Nanook 10/2010

It´s Nanook 03/2011

photos: Y. Cybulla

Pedigree It´s Nanook

Past offspring of "It´s Nanook":

Soraya C (born 2008)
(premium filly and german championfoal 2008 of all pinto-hunter foals of the ZfdP!)

Lara C (born 2008)
(premium filly 2010 of the ZfdP!)

Would you like to experience more about the history and the descent of my broodmare "It´s Nanook"?

"It´s Nanook" was born in the year 2003 in close proximity to the german town Koblenz. In the summer 2004 I went on the search for a high-quality, multicolored filly. It was briefly before my first pulled colt of "Samenco K" ("Sisco C") was set off and I looked around for a raising horse in the same age.

I went on a „force route “by 7 german federal states in 24 hours. I had already regarded several horses, but in view of quality lacking, exorbitantly high prices or obvious lack I had still found nothing fitting up to the afternoon. A last address stood on my list. I called there and we agreed upon a date in the early evening. The journey continued to go from Würzburg until Koblenz. I will probably never forget this day in my whole life.

     Do you believe in love at first sight? In the light of the slowly going down sun the brown white tobiano mare "Icona" with its filly "It´s Nanook" was located on a small ouple. I got a goose skin, was immediately and away. That was probably love at first sight! One could call this filly also my fate. My purchase decision was already pleases, before the breeder could say „Hello“. A view into the eyes of this small, saucy filly and I thought - those or none! That was (and is) my horse.

I entered the ouple. Shrink from the brown white tobiano filly otherwise allegedly in such a way examined me critically and came to me. I had still carrots in the bag, thus was broken the ice, because I was more than interesting suddenly for the small one! A bond of trust within seconds developed, which one cannot describe simply. This unique feeling did not change until today. "It´s Nanook" is not only optically an alive image of their well known grandfather "Ico" and its colour is probably not necessarily everyone thing, but honestly said the design of this horse stepped for me simply into the background (faithful the quotation: „A good horse does not have color. “)

Nanook 2005 (photo: Y. Cybulla)

It showed simply ingenious movements and was at radiant emittance hardly to be over-bid.

Yes, "It´s Nanook" became MY HORSE and I drove it only some days later to me. It moves very elegantly, by the whole body swinging with a marvelous galopp. Already as a foal it jumped over ouple fences, hedges, articles from boredom and others - with expressed good jumping bascule.

"It´s Nanook" is a very sensitive, character-strong, but very easy to handle mare. A gene test resulted, that it is homozygous for tobiano and will bring also with uni-colored stallions guarantees multicolored foals. It is thereby also a jewel for the color breed.

"It´s Nanook" comes from the "Ico" son "Ilasso", a black white tobiano stallion, which became first and only multicolored HLP winner in Medingen at that time against large uni-colored competition and it was successful even up to the heavy class in dressage. At the mothersite this stallion connects the lines of the Hannoveraner stallion "Lasso" (of the Trakehner stallion "Lateran")and of the exception full blood stallion "Ladykiller xx" and the successful Hannoveraner stallion "Feiner Kerl".

Its mother, the brown white tobiano mare "Icona", is a daughter of the 1990 born black white tobiano stallion "Icon", likewise a son of the Dutch stallion "Ico". "Icon" goes at the mothersite back to the Hannoveraner stallion "Widerruf", "Widerhall", "Florentiner" as well as to the Trakehner stallion "Frohsinn". It was victoriously in dressage till the classes M/B and M/A om germany, in St. George dressage it registered placements and victories to Intermediare I.

Icona 2005 (photo: Y. Cybulla)

"Icon" is repeated that it passes descendants on to its an unbelievably sensitive kind of communicating with its rider. I can only confirm this from own experience. My "It´s Nanook" is all in all a horse, which makes simply only fun, is very easy to ride, adaptive, workwillingly and with an ingenious jumping gift blessed.

Its mother "Icona" comes at the mothersite from the Rheinländer mare "Goldika", a daughter of the French stallion "Gagne Beaucop" from "Uriel" and the brown Rheinländer mare "Allfahrt" from the Hannoveraner "Abhang" son "Astronaut" and the Hannoveraner mare "Goldmark" from the "Gotthard" son "Goldlöwe". From this high-carat line ("Gotthard" witnessed altogether to 35 successful particularly in the jumping sons) among other things also the well-known jumping mare "Goldika" (Gerd Wildfang) originates.

After a high evaluation "It´s Nanook" got the foal premium of the ZfdP and also as 4 years old broodmare lent and achieved 2008 a outstanding 3rd place with the german breeding championship for pinto-hunter mares in Grasleben.

It gave us in the same year a singular, brown white tobiano and in addition still homozygous filly of "Samenco K" ("Soraya C"), which became likewise highly evaluated, got a foal premium and late became Bundeschampioness 2008 in the mixed class of the pinto-hunter foals of the ZfdP. "Soraya C", my "Lucky foal", will drawn up, trained and in the future means presumably here to enrich breeding doing existence.

"It´s Nanook" got her second foal on 29.04.2010. It is a wonderful brown white tobiano filly with very long legs and super movements. The father of this filly is the premium stallion "Levkoi" (from the jumping stallion "Levisto Z"). This stallion unites the pedigree of well-known Holsteiner jumping stallions and has to show considerable own sequence in the jumping haven after very good HLP result (obvious double assessment) and left beside a high riding-quality a outstanding, well-handled character. The name of our filly is Lara C. Quality in color! Lara C was sold in 2010, but we think, we will hear something about this wonderful horse in the future.