Name: What´s up
Breeder: Inselgestüt Christiansen/Föhr
Color: black white tobiano
DNA-Test: homozygous
Born: 27.02.2002
Race: Deutsches Reitpferd (Schleswig-Holsteinischer Pferdezuchtverband)
Stick measure: 164 cm

September 2022, now 20 years old...

July 2022...

photos: Y. Cybulla

Pedigree What´s up

Our offspring of "What´s up":

"Skyline C" (dark-brown white tobiano, born 13.08.2006)
Sissy C (dark-brown white tobiano, born 15.04.2008)
"Shona C" (dark-brown white tobiano, born 26.04.2010)

Would you like to know more about the history of my Zuchtstute What´s UP and their descent?

The black white tobiano mare "What´s up" was born on the North Sea island Föhr in the year 2002.In the year 2006 I made myself on the way, around me the for many years successful stud Inselgestüt Christiansen, Föhr (emphasis: to regard Trakehner-pintos). We drove outside on the North Sea marsh pastures to the herds of horse. "What´s up" behaved in its group very inconspicuously.

Perhaps straight this reserved kind at the horse, which showed an unusual movement potential despite unfavorable and wet soil conditions and has a very remarkable colour, pleased me. Anyhow I did not get this multicolored mare with the fine Trakehner head from my head. I regarded also its father, the multicolored Trakehner stallion "Camaro", which impressed me very much. In particular impressed to me its eagerness for work, its good character and its phänomenale radiant emittance with the proverbial Trakehner bloom and aristocracy.

By means of hair sample a DNA test was accomplished with "What´s up", which surprised me with the result "homozygous for the rare tobiano-gen". What a rare piece! After nightlong awake couches, brooding and photo looking again and again I decided to buy this "Camaro" daughter.

Until today I did not repent my decision. "What´s up" in-lived itself fast with us, let themselves problem-free from me ridden and went already after 3 months training sovereign its first driving tournament in the curricle. Simply an unbelievable horse - nerve-strongly with a uniquely character. It by the way leaves these marvelous characteristics obviously also to her descendants.

"What´s up" is a direct daughter of the Trakehner black white tobiano stallion "Camaro" (stick measure 171 cm). Their grandfather is the unfortunately much too early deceased elite stallion candidate "Le Duc", a noble Trakehner stallion in a dark-fox-painted jacket and a son of the elite dressage stallion "Anduc" from the Trakehner mare, league of "Pregel". "Le Duc" was victorious in dressage to german class S.

"Camaro" comes out of the well-known mare "Colored Beauty" (one of the line founder inside the Trakehner breed on the island Föhr) and goes thereby back on the probably most successful multicolored Trakehner pinto-line of the stallion "Cornelius". "Camaro" was finalist with the Bundeschampionat of the 5-years old military horses in the year 2002 (for this also qualified in 2003 - 5th place) as well as victoriously and high-placed in dressage, jumping and versatility examinations of the classes A-L in germany.

photos: Camaro (with the friendly consent of the owner, Renate Christiansen)

On the mothersite "What´s up" goes back to the black white premium mare "Waterloo", a daughter of the successful brown white tobiano jumping stallion "Karabin" and the unicolored dark-brown Württemberger mare "Wonderful Lady". Its father is the famous Holsteiner stallion "Lehar" (land stud Marbach) of the century full blood stallion "Ladykiller xx" from the Hannoveraner mare "West Lady" of the Hannoverian stallion "Wendekreis" (one of the most successful jumping stallions in breeding of the last decades) and the hard full blood stallion "Der Löwe xx" (the winner of altogether 8 large gallopp running and also of the Großer Preis von Baden und Frankfurt - a phenomenon in the german warmblood-breedings, by which the dozen point horses for all tournament-sporty ranges the inclusive olympiads and world championships supplied).

"What´s up" got its first foal of Samenco K in 2006. "Skyline C" is a wonderful dark-brown tobiano filly, which will reach a final dimension of approx. 168 cm. It was awarded as a premium filly by the ZfdP and received - only 3 weeks old - already the 1 e - price to the federalbreedinglook 2006 of the breeding association. Besides their mother gift it the singular character apart from outstanding course of motion and obvious jumping.

photo: Skyline C (2 years old, with friendly consent of the new owner)

It was sold as yearling into the proximity of the town Hamburg, is drawn up here and trained.
… “even ouple fences of no less than 1,40 m do not represent an obstacle for this ingenious mare“…, its new owner swarmed. The mare has large sporty potential and is to be introduced in first dressage and jumping horse examinations at the age of 4 years. We wish much luck and success for this project.

photo: Skyline C (3 years old, with friendly consent of the new owner)

In 2008 the second foal of our "What´s up" and "Samenco K" came into the world. "Sissy C" (for sale) is optically an image of their full sister "Skyline C". It was highly evaluated by the ZfdP (premium-filly) and received the permission to federalbreedinglook.

photo: Sissy C (3 days old)

"What´s up" was inseminated from the premium stallion "Samaii" ("Sambertino"/"Samber" x "Brentano II"). We are already very strained on the third, guaranteed multicolored foal of these outstanding mare in Trakehner type.

What´s up got her 3. foal on Monday, the 26.04.2010 from the Oldenburger premium stallion Samaii (brown-white tobiano from Sambertino/Samber x Brentano II). Shona C is a brown-white tobiano filly with very long legs and very good movements. She is homozygous for tobiano and that´s why she will grown up here and later she will be a broodmare on this stud. Shona C got the 3. place at the national german breeding championship of the ZfdP in 2010. We love this filly.

The 4. foal of What´s up is our wonderful black-whit stallion Cupido C by Cadeau Noir/Hann. (by Christ/Competent x De Niro/Donnerhall/Calypso II), born in July 2014. This boy is offered for sale.

In July 2016 our broodmare What´s up brought us the 5. top foal - a black-white colt, sired by the important black stallion Viscount/Hann. ("Vajum C"), a really special foal with a lot of charme and talent.

Her 6. foal - a wonderfull black/white tobiano filly - was born in 2018. The name of this Colanyc-daugther is "Ceyla C". She was sold to a amateur-rider.

What´s up get her 7. foal in April 2020. A wonderful black/white tobiano colt. "Caprysto C" (father: also Colanyc) will grow up with us as a young stallion.